Beta Information

Level 25
Mar 25, 2004
Apocalypse will not have any Closed Betas. At least we plan not to have any of them. We plan to be very open with the map and allow people to test the map with their friends on BattleNet or on LAN. If we do have any Closed Betas, it will be very rare. Those who get to test it without any announcements about it are those who are developing the project (Alpha Tests).

We don't plan to release any betas or demos this month, possibly something around Halloween, but we do plan to release a lot more information about the mod such as more background history and storyline, more new features, terrain updates, model updates, and so on.

Closed Betas: When only a few hand-picked users who are not part of the actual development team are chosen to test something privately. The Apocalypse Development Team will most likely have no Closed Betas. The most we're expecting to release ever would be around three Closed Betas. Possibly less.

Alpha Betas: Only the actual development team working on the project test Alpha Betas. No one else has access to testing the project. Alpha tests are usually in progress when a programmer or another department feels that he/she/they need to test the Alpha to make sure if things are functioning properly and flawlessly. The Apocalypse Development Team will have a lot of Alpha tests. Countless Alpha tests to be honest.

Open Beta: When the project is released to the public to test it for themselves. Usually these are called demos, but demos tend to be permanent. Open Betas can sometimes be released only for a temporary period of time. The Apocalypse Development Team plans to have as many of these released as possible, if necessary. It will help bring a better fan-base and give fans a better idea of what it is like when actually in the game.

~Craka_J; Leader of the Apocalypse Development Team.