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Last Activity:
Mar 29, 2015
Jul 20, 2007
Alberta, Canada


Warriors of Gundra Lead, from Alberta, Canada

RoughneckLeader was last seen:
Mar 29, 2015
    1. boylies
      WEre you that guy from Battle.net i was friends with? i remember the name and you invited outa nowhere so yeah lol
    2. Tank-Commander
      Happy halloween! :D
    3. Zelda.Alex
    4. Zelda.Alex
      One thing I noticed. You had started a thread in one of the sub-forums by mistake. If you misplace a thread then you can just use the report post button & ask the thread to be moved to the proper place.
    5. Zelda.Alex
      Then I misunderstood when I had read it. I will give it a shot.
    6. Zelda.Alex
      The reason that I did not check out the map file is that it is for multiplayer & I cannot play online. I had read through the thread but sadly I cannot play hero Arena maps.
    7. Monzetsu
      you still need a cd key?
    8. redmarine
      I'm a small fan of Half-Life. Battlefield is only fun while playing multiplayer with friends.
    9. Xlightscreen
      To be honest we would of really got it done. the snag we hit was the animations where not importing currectly and it destroyed us for weeks on in. We even got so desperate that we where trying to rescript the model importer. But after pretty much a month of a fat roadblock we coulden't get past it. school was also coming up so we decided to put it in storage along with a couple of other projects but I might just finish them later...
    10. rober artua
      rober artua
      Thx a lot :)
    11. chenlimin
      not really, I join most groups with I have some sort of connection with, if not I would join skinners and modelers groups (those are a hell lot, I would have 120+ if I done so) and I play almost every map on hive and most good ones on epicwar when I have the time (whole day of gaming on weekends.)
    12. redmarine
      I guess so invitation please.
    13. redmarine
      Well the map is playable and you can download it if you'd like to try it. The spider statues and the caves are just for the decoration but the idea of turning the caves into passages would be a neat idea.
      I've scrapped the project mainly because it was too time consuming to improve the trigger efficiency.
    14. redmarine
      Lol yeah I saw that hehe... Cool lazers btw.
    15. ady_illidan
      peoples wrong
      people correct (your sig) :P
    16. redmarine
      I've already reported it and I think he'll fix it in the next version if he haven't already.
    17. emperor_d3st
      Ew, I tried to read it again. Yea, it's red, but it still makes my eyes bleed. :S
    18. emperor_d3st
      Orange text on green background.. My eyes, my eyes are popping out!
    19. redmarine
      I think I got a small room next weekend so I might be able to play the map with you ok? :D
    20. varsaigen
      You make them move with the magic of gif.
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  • About

    Alberta, Canada
    Current Project:
    Warriors of Gundra: Rebels and Corperations; a revised and rebuilt WoG: Chaotic Civil Warfare to get around the lag issues with previous versions.
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US West
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Warhammer 40k, Video Games


    Warriors of Gundra Map Series
    Chaotic Civil Warfare vA.1.7 - Discontinued.
    Close Combat - Map groundwork being laid out.
    Battlecity - Paused for CC
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