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WC3 Town

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Finally some new terrain, after being inactive for something like 2 months.
Its loosely based on Oblivion's town of Anvil.
Tell me what you think.
Added two new screens, changed a lot of things.
Added more screens.

These are WIPs, not completed works.

Added a Rolling Grasslands picture. It has nothing to do with the other pictures :p


  • W3 Anvil #1.jpg
    W3 Anvil #1.jpg
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  • W3 Anvil #2.jpg
    W3 Anvil #2.jpg
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  • W3 Anvil #3.jpg
    W3 Anvil #3.jpg
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  • W3 Anvil #4.jpg
    W3 Anvil #4.jpg
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  • W3 Anvil #5.jpg
    W3 Anvil #5.jpg
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  • W3 Anvil #6.jpg
    W3 Anvil #6.jpg
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  • Rolling Grasslands.jpg
    Rolling Grasslands.jpg
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  • W3 Anvil #7.jpg
    W3 Anvil #7.jpg
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  • W3 Anvil #8.jpg
    W3 Anvil #8.jpg
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  • W3 Anvil #9.jpg
    W3 Anvil #9.jpg
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  • W3 Anvil #10.jpg
    W3 Anvil #10.jpg
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  • W3 Anvil #11.jpg
    W3 Anvil #11.jpg
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Level 4
May 24, 2007
You have too litle terrain variation.
You should add some other terrain types here and there, and there is random grass growing out of the roads with no soil or grass beneath them. And I think that pink flower sorta doesnt match the depressing theme. I'm probably being a bit picky though...
Level 34
Sep 6, 2006



I lol'd. Doesn't realize your a more seasoned terrainer than he. Koopa124 please post like a mature person. Caps lock is not a good tool for forums. Neither are the huge gaps.

Revised post:
It's an OK terrain, but it needs tile variation and more doodads.

Good to see you back! It's plain, very plain. The models are nice, but they won't save it. This looks like a WIP, please add more. This is not up to your usual standards.
Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
You never stated it was. :p

I thought it was a custom tile. Didn't really look closely.
Level 24
Jun 14, 2005
It looks really flat atm. Especially in the 1st and 3rd screenshots, I can't see any height variation there at all. Also in the 4th screenshot, the building in the background looks like its floating in the background, you need to either lower the building, add some doodad there so its not floating or raise the terrain.

And yea, more tile variation, there shouldn't be grass growing out of the roads, and you should add some more units, so it doesn't look so dead. It also looks very empty, add a lot more doodads around the place, like crates and barrels and things like that.

Oh and I may be wrong, but i'm pretty sure you have the window pieces the wrong way round :p
Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
Shouldn't double post, you know better Belgarath. Better, much better. Although I've never seen so many willows in one area. It looks odd to me. I suggest adding only one large one, make it the center of attention. Add detail around it. Maybe some water to look like a marsh.

The city looks much better. Especially with the new tiles. Good doodad placement and usage.
Level 25
Mar 25, 2004
Looks really plain. Needs better tilevariation and hill variation. Though the land is preferabley flat in city areas, back in medival times, they didn't level the ground very much. That is why, when making medieval style terrains, you must use good hill variation.

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