WarPaint v1.0d

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WarPaint is a simple drawing and guessing party minigame for up to 24 players.


One player becomes the artist and is tasked to draw a sketch that best illustrates the given or chosen subject.
As the artist is busy drawing, the rest of the players has to guess the subject being drawn.
Points goes to whoever first guesses correctly and to the current artist.
Once the subject has been figured out, the round ends and a new player gets to be the artist.
The player with the most points at the end wins the game.
Simple as that.


Before the game can begin, the host player will be able to configure an array of game properties to create a tailored experience, or choose one of the predefined presets.


When only one player is detected, the game will automatically enter a free draw mode in which the
player can freely draw whatever he/she want without a time limit.
If you're playing on Warcraft 3 patch 1.30 or newer, drawings can be saved and loaded in this mode.


This is essentially just an excuse to mess around with some of the new JASS natives to see what they're capable of.
For that I wanted to create something very simple to make that utilizes the new mouse and effect natives extensively.
This is the result.


Warcraft 3 patch 1.29 or newer is required in order to play WarPaint.
Recommended display aspect ratio: 4:3 or wider.
WarPaint only supports standard ASCII inputs.







Left mouse button: Draw
Right mouse button: Cancel
Q: Freehand tool
W: Line tool
E: Rectangle tool
R: Ellipse tool
A: Curve tool
S: Polygon tool
D: Eraser tool
F: Eyedropper tool
Z: Undo
X: Redo
C: Discard
V: Reset brush

VERSION 1.0d-r1
• Implemented various hacks to make the game playable on 1.32+.
• This version only runs on patch 1.32 or newer.

• Fixed more effect orientation issues with patch 1.31+.

• Fixed effect orientation issues with patch 1.31+.

• Fixed a mistake in the credits list.
• Fixed a bug that would occur when a player left during game configuration in a 2-player game.

• Confirmation dialogs has been implemented for file deletion and overwriting.
• Fixed an issue with the brush size slider being active for everyone before the first round had started.
• Fixed a thread crash that would occur when a player left a game of two players.
• Fixed a thread crash on the game over screen.
• Fixed a thread crash when trying to save large drawings.
• Brush size can now be toggled in game configuration.
• Added an eraser tool.
• Added hotkeys to all toolbar buttons.
• Added a waiting mini mini-game during game configuration.
• The artist can now cancel the custom subject process by pressing escape.
• Stopwatch timer now resets during countdown.
• Freehand tool will no longer be selected by default if disabled via game configuration.
• History buttons will now disable when no history data is available.
• Saving now writes additional data needed for the eyedropper and eraser tools to work properly.
• Further code refactoring and optimizations.

• Added loading screen.
• Game music no longer starts playing at the loading screen.
• Added a save and load system to singleplayer.
• Added game configuration menu.
• Added visual elements to disabled UI controls.
• Added new UI textures.
• The custom font has made a comeback.
• The UI system has been rewritten.
• The camera no longer breaks by pressing the insert or delete keys.
• Fixed an error in the input string parser.
• Added ~120 new preset subjects.
• More code optimizations.

• Ambient sounds will no longer play on patch 1.30+.
• Re-encoded game music to make it play on patch 1.30+.
• Sound system has been rewritten.
• Replaced RGB sliders with a HSV color picker.
• General code refactoring and optimization.

• Added a eyedropper tool.
• Brush type will now reset between players.
• Increased default draw time to 90 seconds.
• Tweaked score values.
• Custom font removed to test game stability.

• First public release.

3rd party libraries:
PitzerMike, Deaod and BPower

TheDamien and Nestharus

Vexorian, Nestharus and Bribe



Deaod and BPower

Music by Adrian von Ziegler
Font used: Riffic Free Bold

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[Minigame] - WarPaint

WarPaint v1.0c (Map)

WarPaint v1.0d-r1 (Map)

Why is the author different than the username? Funny, this says you're using a Link model among other things: Resources in Use by WarPaint v1.0 | HIVE Anyways, I've been watching your progress on the developmental thread and the map seems to be...
Why is the author different than the username?
Simply because the author stopped using "Illidan(Evil)X" around 2008. I go by the username "cgsource" everywhere else.
Suppose I could change it to "cgsource/Illidan(Evil)X" if it bothers you.

Funny, this says you're using a Link model among other things: Resources in Use by WarPaint v1.0 | HIVE
That feature's broke as fuck yo. I'm not using any of those assets. Amusing.

Anyways, I've been watching your progress on the developmental thread and the map seems to be working fine.

That was fast. :D
Level 3
Feb 24, 2017
This is just the better version of another map like this that came out months ago... man, I thought THAT was the best thing, and this is even better. Ty <3
@Relith96 <3

@Quilnez Thanks kiddo :)

@Wareditor Thank you for trying out the map.
I'm near fully convinced these random disconnects are due to Warcraft 3 patch instabilities.
Never once did I experience disconnects when testing on 1.29.2. Tried a LAN game on the latest PTR earlier and one of the machines immediately disconnected for seemingly no reason.

Did the affected players desync at the start or later during the game?
The number of players should not make a difference. All players go through the same exact steps on map initialization. If this was a problem with the map then surely all players would disconnect from the host and not just a few random ones. I strongly suspect this is a issue on Blizzard's end since there was no desync issues prior to 1.30.

@Bribe I see. Your name was attributed to Ascii from the TextSplat2 library so I just assumed you had a hand in writing it. I will get that corrected. :)
Level 4
Oct 4, 2016
You might want to delete the Chat Log in F12 (still available). I had quite a funny Time when i saw what other Player typed into their "secret" Chat. It's obviously only when you create an own Subject but in my Mind i wouldn't remove that, since it's what makes the Game funny and random.
Level 24
Nov 9, 2006
Can you add extra lists of word subjects to draw from?
Personally i find these games the most fun when players draw custom words, but it's difficult to force it down on people
For example if you were able to pick from these subjects:
-Default list (vanilla words)
-WC3 list, examples: Blademaster, Azeroth, Boots of Speed, Footman
-Pop Culture: Trump, Spongebob, etc
-Geography: Nationalities, like norway, denmark. Something that would make players draw representations of that country and not the flag.