Warcraft Rugby League V1.06

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=== Background ===
If you have ever played or watched rugby league before, that's what this is, with a State of Origin theme.

=== Introduction ===
Participate in Azeroth's greatest sporting challenge: the State of Origin! Who will come out victorious in this epic battle between the Alliance and the Horde?

=== Main Features ===
  • Rules: Most standard NRL rules apply, however penalties and scrums are currently not implemented.
  • Positions: Players 1/3: Forwards, Player 2: Hooker, Players 4/6: Wingers, Player 5: Halfback
  • RPG features: your player can gain experience and gold, increasing level improves your abilities, attributes have been changed - Agility = Ball Handling and Intelligence = Fitness, normal WC3-type items can also improve your stats and abilities
  • Options: type -setup at the start of the game to set the ball appearance and half length
=== Author's Notes ===
  • This map is PROTECTED
  • AI is automatically on for any open/computer/leaver player
  • Highly recommend using Warcraft 3 Delay Reducer while playing online
  • Credits are under Help (F9)
=== Changelog ===

- New tackle system
- Once you begin the tackle and are within a reasonable range you will 'attach' to the target depending on the relative strength + MS of the players
- Where the strength + MS differ greatly, the weaker player will be fended off or knocked back
- New Drop Kick ability (and Drop Goals)
- New countdown/siren effect when half/full time is coming up
- New effects to show where the next conversion/drop out/kick off etc. will be
- New feature: Knock Outs
- It is now possible to get knocked out by a tackle or by tackling someone else
- You will automatically revive after a period of time at your fountain
- Sprint has been remodeled
- Increased stamina cost
- Decreased speed bonus
- Removed the sprint effect (now invisible)
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor UI adjustments
- Armour now reduces damage taken when tackling the ball carrier
- Pass/Kick skill has been divided into two different abilities
- Boots have had their speed bonuses decreased
- Numerous AI fixes
- AI are now more creative in offense
- Crowd members no longer have life bars
- Removed the referee units
- Decreased the default camera angle
- Ball behaves slightly more realistically upon hitting the ground
- 'Increase Stat' abilities changed from +2 -> +3 per level
- Numerous stat changes to each position

- Minor bug fixes
- Minor UI adjustments
- Minor AI fixes and improvements
- Range motion buffer decreased from 250 to 175
- Increased base endurance of all positions
- Changed Sprint to have 4 levels and a level skip of 3
- A player may now be tackled by more than 1 player
- Successful tackles cause the tacklers to be briefy stunned
- Added try-streak and some victory sounds
- Comprehensive statistics are now recorded and shown at half/full time
- New commands: -clear, -stats, -rm, -rmnr
- Balanced the amount of periodic gold given

- Minor bug fixes
- Minor UI adjustments
- Numerous AI fixes and improvements
- Gold reward for successful conversions
- Ball handling attributes rebalanced
- Sprint is now a hero skill and must be learnt
- Can now upgrade attributes or sprint upon level up
- Fatigued players play the ball more slowly
- Increased tackle speed penalty from fatigue
- 2 new item recipes
- Evasion rate on items have been increased

- Minor bug fixes
- Minor UI adjustments
- New position: Hooker
- New shops and items
- Claws of Attack +9: rebalanced and split into 2 items
- Periodically gain a small amount of gold
- Increased maximum passing speed
- Increased gold rewards from scoring etc.
- AI buy something at half time
- Ball now rolls for a random distance

- Major bug fixes
- Improved kicking accuracy
- Increased ball handling skill for all positions
- Can no longer intercept the ball straight after its been kicked
- Changed how passing is affected by ball handling
- Kick offs that don't go out on the full give the correct team the tap
- Can kick on any tackle
- Display of gold and XP gained
- Ball hitting ground effect
- All players can use Bomb Ball

- Added endurance loss effects
- Fixed an exploit and some UI errors
- Changed winger's armor type

- Initial public release

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Warcraft Rugby League V1.06 (Map)

09:40, 7th Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 2
Sep 14, 2008
This game

is awesome

Also the passing is better then i thought

but does losing health actually affect u <.>?
it looks like nothing happens if u lose health
also u GOTTA add scrums and maybe mauls cuz its annoying when AI just go forward so if u could push them in a maul like a skill that wastes stamina it could help alot >.>.
Also i hope u can add line outs too >=D

And one more question
if ur adding scrums does that mean positions are gonna be 1 hooker and 2-3 forwards?
Level 3
Mar 22, 2008
Thanks for the feedback! To be honest, this was just something I made for fun and in all likelihood scrums/penalties will not be added unless one day I feel very motivated... Oh, and p.s. this is rugby league, not union - though that would be pretty cool hehe.

Having said that, in the future I was planning to make you gain some kind of 'fatigue' effects - namely a temporary drop in movement speed and tackle speed until you regain your health. Other than that and maybe a few select skills I wasn't planning on adding too much more - I consider this almost complete.

Edit: Added endurance loss effects :)
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Level 7
Apr 16, 2008
Ok the fact of the world that nobody can face:
Rugby is fucked up, its only good if you are prepared to lose all of your braincells, if you have any at all, OR if you like to break necks, and/or your own one.
EDIT: And isn't Origin Australian only?
Level 3
Mar 22, 2008
Haha, well it would be interesting, but sorry I don't really have an interest in developing scrums in this game much...

Thanks for pointing that out Flamestorm... luckily this is a game. Yes, "State of Origin" is Australian only as far as I know, is it surprising that I'm from Australia then?
Level 5
Jun 26, 2008
Flamestorm, you live up to your name.

A rugby game? Awesome! Will give this a try and see if I can give you much feedback.
I like how you've made the logo look like the one of the ARL too.
Level 5
Jan 27, 2007
its so hard to tackle here... I end up tackling no one... I mean AI's are faster and the tackle skill is too late when it appears!!

Change that..
Level 3
Mar 22, 2008
Oi! Oi! Oi!

Re: meercat: What do you mean is too late when it appears? Were you onside to begin with? Here's a tip: try and stay onside all the time (i.e. 10m+ back from the last play the ball), then when the ball is played, you can begin moving towards whoever has got the ball. When you tackle them, it's ideal to be in front of the ball carrier so they have to run around you (and take longer), allowing you to have ample time to tackle them.

If you're good and use sprint as well, you can often tackle the first receiver before they run more than 5 few metres ahead of the last play the ball..
Level 5
Jan 27, 2007
I really meant too late.. I always stay onside... maybe 3 seconds before the tackle skill appears and even before I get to tackling, the ball is tackled by my teamates...