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Warcraft 3 Community Map

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Level 32
Apr 2, 2013

A community map representing as much Warcraft 3 communities, forums, influential players / modders, and more as possible. Everything is a reference to something in the community! There could have been sooo much more added to this, but I've definitely reached the near-max crowded level. The map is western focused, so you won't find many Asian, Russian, etc names, though note that they are just as influential. Hope you enjoy it!

North west is custom game forums.
North east is everything DotA.
North central is modding and resource forums.
South central is melee streamers, players, and journalists.
Southern islands are melee / ladder forums.
South west is Blizzard's classic game department.
South east is to be avoided!

I may add a list of what everything references later.
Level 45
Jul 29, 2008
This. Is. EPIC. I'm sad I didn't see it until now, but this is glorious & wonderful & SCN you are the man.

Remnants of WC3C 4 lyfe :infl_thumbs_up::infl_thumbs_up::infl_thumbs_up::infl_thumbs_up::infl_thumbs_up::infl_thumbs_up:
Fo Sho. Except it should be, like, an archipelago in the style of Suramar/the Tomb of Sargeras from the campaign. Like literally shattered islands & ruins.

And Sunken Ruins tileset of course.

Should probably include "Land of the Rising_Dusk" somewhere on that archipelago. ; )
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