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War of the Ancients strategy game

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Nov 20, 2008
Hey, I'm planning to create a strategy map based on the warcraft book series; War of the Ancients. The war is fought between the night elf’s and the burning legion over 10.000 years before the warcraft 3 events. I'm going to base the entire idea upon the events that happens in the book. If you want to know more about the go here: War of the Ancients Trilogy - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft and War of the Ancients (WC3 account - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft)

The game play is not decided yet, but I’m inspired by map such as: Azeroth Wars, DAOW etc... I'm haven't really come up with any good ideas to make this different from the other strategy games out there, so any suggestions are welcome. Maybe most important I'm not sure were in the history to start. Just when the legion has been summoned, or later on when they openly battle the legion??

These are the current races:

The Kaldorei (Night Elves): The main force of elves under the command of lord Ravencrest and the moon guard the sorcerer’s guild.

The Sisters of Elune: The followers of Elune and basic night elf soldiers.

The Highborn: Azshara's chosen ones that seeks to rid the world of the unworthy. (Not sure where to place satyrs)

The Burning legion: The powerful demon minions of Sargeras.

I'm also considering creating the teams:

Demigods (The protectors of Nature)

The lesser races (Tauren, Dwarfs/Earthen and furbolgs).

Neltharion (dragon aspect) that seeks to kill all the lesser races.

The other dragon Aspects who has to stop Neltharion.

Satyrs, the transformed Highborn.

A team with the main characters from the trilogy (like fellowship from BFME2).

I forgot to tell that you will get income and have to train your own units, and that i don't want any too OP heroes.

Well, this currently only an idea though i have begun test creating some of it. Pls give me some feedback, and tell how you would like it to be. I hope some of you have read the books and know the story. Event suggestions are also welcome. Thanks!
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