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The War of the Ancients (custom campaign)

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Hi all!
For anyone who knows who I am, you saw in the retera discord channel that I’m working a lot with night elves models. Here I will discuss about the project I’m making them for: a War of the Ancients campaign!
Featuring 4 factions (sisterhood of Elune, Highborne, wild gods, rooksguard), it will be INSPIRED (so not completely canon) of the apocalyptic war that ended splitting the Azeroth continent into pieces.

Differences from classic wc3 campaign:
-no construction. Exactly. Inspired by the total war saga, you won’t have to spend time building. You will jump in the fray of the battle from the start.
-divine powers, a concept taken from the Age of Mythology, will make their appearance. Unleash the wrath of Elune on your enemies, or use her light to save your troops from certain death, unleash the nature wrath under the guide of the wild gods, summon cataclysmic fire storm thanks to the power of the legion and the highborne
*rooksguard won’t have divine powers, instead they will have global abilities more useful to direct combat, like summoning siege weapons or an arrow volley.
-Mother Dejahna: a powerful caster, she moves on the battlefield riding a chariot trained by two sabers, she will ride through the battlefield shielding her allies and blinding her foes alike.

-Tyrande Whisperwind: different from her original wc3 counterpart, she will be a pretty good healer. Low cost spell and high mana recover will help her to keep the army alive.

-the Jai’Alator: this is the very first custom hero and also non existing one that I made. Inspired by name by shandris hippogriph (Jai’Alator, which means “noble blade of Elune” in darnassian), this hero will fight toe to toe even against the most powerful units of the legion. Fast and deadly, she will jump in the fray of the battle using the very light of the moon as her favored weapon.

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