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Hail Storm
Last Activity:
Dec 13, 2014
Sep 19, 2011

Hail Storm

Icy Cold, Freezing Chill.

Hail Storm was last seen:
Dec 13, 2014
    1. Horselord12
      Hi Hail Storm!
      I apologize to I didn't answer to your message. I used to and now also busy because University exams. Sorry for that... Oh and I logged for a Tolkien course in University! Were lessons since February, and anything about Tolkien and his Mythology. Awesome subject. Thank you thinking of me. See you soon!
    2. Amargaard
      Thanks, I tried to reply to your PM in Germany, but all I had was an iPad and very little time, so it was nearly impossible - thanks for reminding me now that I've returned. Will re-read it and reply as soon as possible ^^
    3. Amargaard
      Well, I too will go on a week-long trip to Germany tomorrow, so don't expect me to be online until I return :)
    4. AwzomeWulfzz
      Hoo- fantastical-ray. I always loved Gnolls, and more neutral races (Murlocs, Furbolgs, Kobolds etc.)
    5. Imadori
      Not really fast since we had already started a friendly conversation. Some are just adding high +repped people. And some are adding random users even they're not familiar with its username. Well, it's okay if you don't want to. Its not needed anyway.

      Thank you 2000th visitor! :D
    6. Imadori
      Eh? What "Farewell"?
      Accept my friend request. No one escapes me!!!

      Worth it huh? Then expect more from me.
    7. Imadori
      Ahahaha! Cool-Peon is high right now.

      That's okay, you don't need to thank me. It's worthless anyways.
      I don't know about you but for me, I just want to gain the trust of the newbies (They like high-repped people) xD

      Nice to meet you too :]
    8. Amargaard
      Don't be sorry, I'm on drugs anyways so probably wouldn't wanna reply now anyways
    9. Amargaard
      Yay *ding* I just hit 350, thanks man :D
    10. Amargaard
      Thanks a lot! And ehh dunno I really have no idea what I should expect :b
    11. Amargaard
      You too :b
    12. Amargaard
      Well, I'll celebrate Christmas the 24th instead :)
    13. Amargaard
      Bah whatever, dude :b

      Me too ^^

      Christmas is over, so happy holidays :)
    14. Amargaard
      Oh right, I'll see to it now, while I remember it :)
      Merry Christmas to you too, good sir! Hope you'll get some good presents :)
      I got a scanner! Which means I don't have to upload bad quality telephone pictures of my drawings. Yay, I've needed that for a long time :D
    15. Amargaard
      I saw your message, in the morning just before I went to school and didn't have time to reply back. Then I honestly just forgot it, lol, sorry (I'm waiting to head for school now as well, so I'll reply later when I have the time)
      But I have exams tomorrow and Thursday, and last day of school Friday, then I got Christmas holidays! :D
    16. Hail Storm
      Hail Storm
      Greetings mates! =)

      Im fine, I feel great and Im glad to be back mates. ;D

      See ya mates and take care. =)

      Hail Storm
    17. Amargaard
      First of all, sorry for not replying in a while - Yeah, homework is getting tougher and tougher :l

      In this weekend I'm at my dad's cottage - tomorrow is a big day, where we'll be running among 19.000 others on a long danish route - we made a deal that the one of us who reaches goal first, get money from the other. Pray for me, I really need the money :b

      Your new theme looks awzum, and matches well together :)

      By the way, I have had some trouble downloading GIMP on my stationary computer, so I'm not able to draw anything at the moment. However, a friend of mine offered to help me with downloading a Photoshop copy illegally, and I'll probably say yes, if I still can't get it work, when I get back to my stationary computer at my mum's house :)
    18. Amargaard
      My parrents and all of my friends know of my smoking, and they all know that I won't try any other drugs :)

      Some shrooms are drugs, and they're pretty popular actually, because the "high" you get from them is incredible - but unlike marijuana, they can be harmful :)

      That's the point with smoking marijuana - you get very relaxed and enjoys everything, and more creative :b
      I'm actually high right now, and I'm probably gonna get drunk later (I will be careful, no worries) :D
      It's a good start on the weekend - though this thing just took forever to write and please srry if you didn't understand any of it :b

      EDIT: Love your new avatar :D
    19. Amargaard
      Well, did you know that marijuana actually might cure cancer? Of course there are bad sides of marijuana too, but nothing like the other drugs, which fucks up your life. The biggest problem is that it is often the "gateway drug", which makes you wanna try the other drugs - That has been the case for a few of my friends :l
      But I won't touch anything other than marijuana and alcohol, you have my word on that ;)

      There are many kinds of shrooms, some harmless, some poisonous - and some are used as drugs. I heard that those shrooms gives you the most crazy experiences when eaten, like hallucinating and stuff, but they fuck up your brain if overdosed :b

      I will enjoy my smoking-times, no doubt, lol - oh it's probably good for you to know, since we are to work together in the future, that I'm getting drunk or high in most of the weekends, but I'll find time to work, no worries (I actually enjoy drawing a lot more, when I'm high) :b
    20. Amargaard
      Yeah, it's kinda normal here. I recall I red somewhere that Denmark and Holland are the only two countries in Europe where over 30% of the population had ever tried marijuana ^^

      And those who have never tried it, knows nothing about it - not an insult, but that's the truth - smoking marijuana is not unhealthy at all, smoking tobacco is - and yeah, you need tobacco to mix up with the marijuana in order to smoke it, so the only unhealthy thing about it, is the same thing for an ordinary cigarette-smoker. And there is no such thing as diseases that can occur after smoking marijuana - people always put it in same category as other drugs, like cocain, heroin, mushrooms etc, which are all dangerous. While marijuana, in fact, is harmless, it's not even addictive. And believe me, I've smoked more than you could ever imagine the last two years of my life. There's a reason why so many people want it to be legalized, across the world.
      Just sayin' to enlighten you. There are way too many people in this world, not knowing a thing about it, and decides to hate it simply because it's a drug, and I don't want you to be one of them ;)

      And thanks ^^
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