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Wanna learn animation? I hope these help (Not tutorials, but principles)

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Hey you.
Are you hoping to learn animation but don't know where to start?
Like playing melee map for the first time and you don't even know what to build until you get decimated by over 9000 gyrocopters?

Or you want to animate as good as <name> but don't want to put in the effort?
Like using Wand of Illusion on the enemy and hoping it's as good as the enemy, but it actually deals no damage and takes all the damage.

So are you sure you wanna learn it? I guess you are, since you're here.
Relax, it's not like choosing which college to go to or which waifu to ship- you can still change your mind.
This video would be sure to help you out. Plus, it's a fun one.

Tools -
I would recommend using Blender and the exporter addon.
It also has the added benefit of learning the skill to animate for other games.

Your other choice would be using MDLVIS+Magos.

This is probably the most tedious part, because it's just getting used to things, but you can't make anything yet.
Still, look around on HIVE for help, and I'm sure you'll get some.
Maybe there's some tutorials around that can help.
So stick around and experiment with your tools.

Here though, I wanna share the guiding principles for your animation.
It might seem a lot at first.
But really, after looking at it.
You might even be thinking "these are just common sense!"
So don't give up here!

1) 12 principles of animation.
Or if you prefer reading, there's this.
Go on, I'll wait.

Now, these are principles mostly for 2D animation + animating for the screen.
But most of it transfers over to game animation. (Wanna see how? Refer below to P.S. section)
The only one that really has nothing to do with 3D animation would be 11th principle solid drawing.

You still here with me?

2) 5 fundamentals of game animation.
Go ahead and watch it.
Nothing much to say about this, it just applies.

The last tip is this....
Use references.
It can be you acting things out yourself, like the 1st video.
Or it can be others doing it.
But do refer.
Google will be your friend here.

Annnnd that's it, really.
Get that 12+5 principles, and remember the tips you got from the first video.
The rest is all up to you.
You can't animate as good as <insert name> in a day.
It all comes down to grinding it now.
That's what gamers do, yea? Grind.

1) Animate
2) Get feedback.
2a) Refine.
2b) Go back to 2.
3) Go back to 1.

That's it, really.
Now go, and bring that skeleton that's been sitting in your closet to life.

Check out the videos above.


And if you wanna see people talk about game animations, you can check out these channel/videos.
These are entertaining videos, but it's also very helpful.

Video Game Animation Study / Dan Root.

New Frame Plus. Highly recommended. From the same guy who used to voice EC's videos.

And for you who really wanna see how animation principles applies in fighting game, there's this — A.B.I.torial — it's much broader than just animation, and some applies, some kinda don't, but entertaining nonetheless.

And if there's anything else you think is helpful, feel free to put it down below.
Feel free to ask/say anything as well.
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