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Vengeance (Map)

Level 3
Feb 22, 2005
Ehi,that's not bad!.A very nice cinematic,you have good possibilities of winning the contest! :p
If you can change the model of Arnan because the portrait is a bit strange would be better.I will looking forward for the next chapters. :D
Level 13
Jun 22, 2004
cough Cough,
This Cinematic is not bad, but from the 10 Contest cinematics I have seen this is not nearly the one that wins, there are cinematics that are so much better than this.

I like the action you had installed here white crane, you might work on the camera angles, close ups really bring more life into cinemtics also, the start, it just was a little bit too, I dunno, terrain could have been done better, I do not say this is bad, it is actually better than the average cinematic I have ever seen, so I would say 6 points out of 10, but really try expirimenting more with triggers, or look at other maps if you do not know on which map you have to look for triggers, look at my cinematic ''Orcish Castery''
It is a pretty old cinematic which runs on early patches still it is not a bad cinematic with pretty nice triggers of which you can learn pretty much everything to make a really good cinematic.

You are not allowed to submit the maps on the net, before the results are in!!!

I should reconsider taking of the map for now.

Level 2
Jun 9, 2005
Actually I think you'll find you ARE allowed to post them before the contest is over, the only stipulation was that the map must be created specifically for the contest, not an update of an old one.
What do you mean "expiriment more with triggers"?
And HOW would you have improved the terrain at the start? I should point out that I'm aiming for realism in the scenery...
Level 3
Sep 23, 2005

I'm having problems getting trying to extract this map.

There's an error with the name of WinRAR Diagnostics Message.

Any help would be appreciated.