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Vampirism Meltdown v1.8.6m

Submitted by Evil_Redneck
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Vampirism Meltdown combines elements from the 3 most popular Vampirism maps: Crazy's, Beast, and Fire.

--map is protected--

Change Logs:

Version 1.8.6
Vampirism Meltdown v1.8.6a-f
Added the Mech Builder
Added the Ancient Vampire of Destruction.
Builders can now attack Vampires (damage set at 100 base)
When attacking your own structures, they will explode. Doesn't affect allies
Buffed the Ancient Vampire of Destruction, attack is slightly higher.
Added the Sword of Shadows for Vampires
The Ancient Vampire of Destruction now starts at level 2.
Fast Mode now works for the New Vampire.
When subbing for the Vampire, you no longer are an enemy of your Minions
The Blood Bank now works for the subbing player.
Nefed most Mech Walls
Lowered the cost of some high level Vampire Items.
Fixed Fatal errors. When a Human researched several of his upgrades, it caused the player to fatal, due to a building requirement.
Fixed the game ending due to no more Human Builders. The game wasn't counting Mech Builders; this has been resolved.
Increased the cost of the Mech's Wall regeneration, and lowered the bonus gained.
Lowered the damage dealt by the Mech's Gen-X wall.
Fixed problems with several charged items.
Changed the Terrain of the map from Lordaeron Winter to Icecrown Glacier, kept the snowy grass tile.
Fixed some bugs I found from other versions.
Increased the cost of Gold Mines 5 and 6
Changed the Mech walls a bit
Lumber Factories now can be targeted by spells that affect organic units.
Added a new Mech Tower.
Fixed lots of tooltips, Made it so Lumber mills can be attacked, and hit by spells (thanks blizzard for the way targeted as works -sarcasm-)
Fixed rain of Decay hopefully
Found a problem with desyncing humans. Should be No more problems with human droppers.
Vampirism Meltdown v1.8.6k
Nerfed Mech Walls
Nerfed Mech Lumbering capabilites
Fixed an exploit with Time Warp
Buffed the Ancient Vampire of Chaos's Attack Damage slightly
Ancient Vampire of Destruction attacks slightly faster.
Nerfed the Inferno ability (Ancient Vampire of Destruction)
Fixed the cost of Gen-X Regenerating wall
Added a final Builder HP upgrade.

Version 1.8.5
Vampirism Meltdown v1.8.5m
1.) Fixed the Blood Bank
2.) Humans can attack buildings again
3.) Buffed Ring of the Bats
4.) Added new item Sword of Shadows
5.) Other small fixes

Vampirism Meltdown v1.8.5k
1. Added Subclass Upgrades to increase the level of Humans ability they selected from beginning
2. Reworked walls slightly - More Expensive, and longer repair time, slightly higher hp.
3. Lowered the cost of several Vampire Items
4. Demonic Statues cost a bit more and all Statues lose health over time.
5. Added the Blood Bank for the Ancient Vampire; he can store gold that gains interest over time. Commands are -bb [checks how much gold is in the bank] and -wd [withdraws gold]
6. When the Ancient Vampire Leaves, a player can take over his command using the - vamp command. The player does not have to be an ally at the time. Using this command will remove all of the players units, including Vampire Minion if the player is already an ally.
7. Added a Tier 6 Builder that builds all of the most advanced structures.
8. Reorganized the Research Center and Time Portal
9. Fixed several small bugs
10. Fixed all of the Wall and Harvesters Tooltips
11. Added the Gen-X Tower for Humans
12. Added the Meteor Stone II to the Vampire
13. Several Other things

Vampirism Meltdown v1.8.5j
Raised Vampires Damage, total hitpoints and hp regen.
Added the -gm and -det Command for builders.
Removed vampire items that didn't work.
Added a New charged Vampire Item.
Nerfed the "Ranger" Builder Sub-Class.
Other Small Fixes

Vampirism Meltdown 1.8.5h
Lowered the HP of Rock Walls
Added new End Game Vampire Item
New Human Subclass, Technician.
Vampire Minions receive a Gold Generator when they are reborn.
Minions are reborn in the middle of the map instead of at the Main Vampire.
New Spells in the Book of the Accult
Fixed several tooltips.
Other balances and add-ons.

Vampirism Meltdown 1.8.5n
1.)The bloodbank takes 100 gold instead of 200 and gains 5% interest instead of 10%

Vampirism Meltdown 1.8.5g
Human Walls have 10% more hp.
Increased the Hitpoints of Rock Walls
Increased the ammount of food the main Vampire has.
Lowered the Cooldown of Far Sight.
Fixed the Split Soul being able to be summoned over walls.
Replaced Vampiric Fury with Grasp of Darkness.
Other Small Fixes

Vampirism Meltdown 1.8.5f

Vampirism Meltdown 1.8.5d; 1.8.5e
-Changed Terrain in several spots to allow the Gargoyle Statues to reach all parts of a base and not just one side. (Balance)
-Lowered the Cost of Several Vampire Items (Balance)
-Lowered the Damage of Plasma Tower, Tesla Tower, and Rocket Tower (Balance)
-Lowered the Repair Rate for the Repairman Class and Human Builder's Repair, making them repair slower (Balance)
-Added a New Endgame; Human Wall (Add-on)
-When the Open Time Portal ability was used on walls, it would cause the game to crash. This has been fixed. (Bug)
-The Last 3 Walls will no longer gain hp based off of tomes as this was a factor to the crash (Bug)
-New Vampire Item (Add-On)
-Several Other Slight Fixes.

Vampirism Meltdown v1.8.5b and c
-Changes more terrain, mostly bases
-Several new Vampire Items
-Slightly stronger walls
-other minor fixes

Vampirism Meltdown v1.8.5a
Version 1.8.5a features a new terrain tileset and reworks many of the existing bases and looks much more polished than previous versions.
Did some minor balancing, mainly towards late game and fixed a few small bugs.

Version 1.8.4
Vampirism Meltdown v1.8.4j

Vampirism Meltdown V1.8.4c
Changed the Armor/Damage set up
Changed Vamp Items
Changed the Armor/Hp of Walls.
Humans towers stronger.
General Balancing.
(1.8.4d More Balancing)

Vampirism Meltdown v1.8.4
1.)Balanced Several Overpowered Vampire Items
2.) Added 3 Human commands: All Humans: [-ls (Lumber Shipment tells you your current lumber shipment)]; Red Only: [-am (Accelerated Mode)] and [-fm (Fast Mode)]
3.) Added new Human Towers [Late Game Upgrades for Spike Tower]
4.) Changed the Abilities of Several Human Towers
5.) Nerfed Master Slayers Slightly
6.) Improved Human Builder's Regeneration
7.) Lowered the Cost of some Human Towers
8.) Changed Prices of some Vampire Items
9.) All Workers (Every Tier) automatically harvest lumber without a rally point
10.) Other General Balances
11.) Fixed a problem with fast mode (1.8.4a)
12.) More Balancing (1.8.4b)

Version 1.8.3
Vampirism Meltdown v1.8.3f
Human and Vampire Balances.

There are still various bugs and other balancing that still needs to be done; I do not promise the game is entirely perfect, therefore feedback is highly appreciated. Email me at evil_redneck_2007@yahoo.com to give me your ideas, comments, etc.

Vampirism, Vamp, defense, survival, towers, vampires, zombie, undead, tower defense, meltdown, melt, evil, dark, vampire

Vampirism Meltdown v1.8.6m (Map)

  1. crawlers


    Apr 19, 2009
    there is no update log for 1.8.6m
  2. JTRaines92


    Mar 12, 2011
    I couldn't get this to work on RoC. Is there something special I need to do to get it to work? When I seen this I got really excited to play it and then I couldn't...
  3. rrfvtgb


    Aug 11, 2010
    When you choose too fast your class it's bug .....
    Mech haven't ability upgrade
  4. FreshAir


    Feb 9, 2009
    come back redneck, do not break 3years old project.
  5. crawlers


    Apr 19, 2009
    if you set rally of time portal to itself it generates fatal error
  6. Trojan_PwNeR


    Jan 11, 2012
    Great map, fix the errors please, also did you retire since you haven't updated in long :S
  7. Evil_Redneck


    Apr 29, 2007
    Alright, haven't used the computer very much for the past few months and I have decided I'll update the map pretty soon. As soon as I get excel up and running in an hour or so, I'll start to fill out a page that should help me balance the walls better. I'll also look into making a beta of the Mutant race, who will not be fully complete in 1.8.7 (which is the next version). Keep bugs coming, It has been a while and I can't quite remember where I left off but I'll do my best to make this work.

    The next version will go through vigorous balancing. I am currently in the process of creating an excel spreadsheet that will have Wall stats comparisons, Vampire Stats and ability comparisons, Tower Comparisons and items cost and stats. Basically anything that uses a number in the object editor will be in the spreadsheet. This will take longer but should make balancing easier in the long run.
    Last edited: May 16, 2012
  8. nhammen


    Oct 15, 2010
    can you tell us how is it going the new version i want new race and balance

    And if Possivle AI for vamp since is hard to find ppl for this map in garena
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2012
  9. RemVF


    Jul 30, 2020
    Yo we still playing this map on reforged! If Evil_Redneck ever gets online, would be cool to see in update! or anyone update this map! lol