V1.2 Skill Development, SL System, Gamemodes, and Items - Must See

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Sep 23, 2007
D3WC V1.2

-Save/-Load System (Includes level, skills, items, and EXPERIENCE)

Normal, Nightmare, and Hell modes - selected by red at start game.
-NO SINGLE PLAYER; if game is run on single player, all triggers are disabled, all monsters are deleted, and game is ended.
-Save ONLY allowed after Assault Beast (last boss) has been killed
-Load ONLY allowed during character selection

-Increase Monster HP and Armor by a very high amount in higher game modes, as well as damage by a fair, but also high, amount
-Can only receive experience in higher game modes when a certain level is reached
-Slightly increase experience gain in higher game modes
-Very big increase in the length of the Thousand Pounder and Assault Beast (last boss) fights.
-rare boss-specific loot
-loot from Assault Beast (last boss), as well as time to -save and decide who gets items dropped
-different item drops (including boss-specific drops) in different game modes
-max level 99, way harder to level at higher levels (30+)
-(OPTIONAL) If possible, which im sure wont be worth the trouble/wait but might be do-able; Decard Cain merchant at the end of the skeleton king fight, sells Rituals of The Dead for a very, very high price and potions (and some other miscellaneous items.

-Starting at level 5 Voodoo Heal, lower the cooldown time
-Starting at level 5 Whirlwind, slightly increase the duration
-Replace that wizard ability that adds damage on normal attack and consumes mana with a channeled fire spell - Disintegrate.
-Starting at level 5 Summoning Skills, mongrels are no longer timed and die only from detonation or being killed by other monsters.
-Replace Mongrel Immolation spell with Locust Swarm Imbue, a spell based off the immolation but that instead has the visual effect of Disease Cloud Aura and a mini Locust Swarm, as well as a poison effect to enemies attacked by the Mongrel.
-Increase Max Skill levels from 3 to 15 and 5 to 20

Also it would be cool if you could change the name of the enemy team to Diablo's Minions.

and... Dont stop production after Starcraft 2 is released!!!

Any and all feedback would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.
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Mar 11, 2010
requests very good but it is not easy to establish save / load system because
1) causes lag or bug and could damage the triggering.
2) is very modifiers and also put deveria to save / load when creating more maps.
and lastly I do not think they really wanted to make the entire list. and you'll know it's not as popular as before and cloudworlf have other things to do cree ...
in summary is made very difficult and first podira resolve an issue very, very important and perhaps make some destructible objects for example Essenes were well below a bridge