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Unwarp UVW In 3ds Max Issue

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Level 12
Feb 23, 2008
Building a roller coaster game in xna for windows phone.
I have built a model, and applied textures to it inside of 3ds max.
My Model is using Multi/Sub, that has 6 materials pointing to it.
When I run my model in the game it runs fine.

The issue is its very expensive for me to run real time lighting. And want to use it vary sparingly if at all. It looks Quite terrible when its turned off.

So I wanted to get a some back lighting effect done in 3ds max, and then apply all of it in a single file. (not a light map). So I looked into Unwarp UVW. I found that I could in thoery do this, if i were to do all the textures and lighting out side of 3ds max, but that would be a huge pain, as its already how i want it in 3ds max.

But I cant figure out how to apply whats already on the faces to the uvw map.

My Issue
How can i unwarp my model, and apply the textures that are already on it in 3ds max and the current lighting.

I understand in 3ds max the bottom is dark, as my lighting effect doesn't hit it, and if someone flipped my model over in the game the lighting wouldn't make sense. but this is fine.
At the very least i want to pre do the lighting before it hits the game. on the model. with its textures.

any ideas?


I believe it has something to do with rendering the model to a texture and then reapplying that texture to the model....Making a little progress...
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