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  • Haha I should. I redid the whole thing in vjass and even had some support beams in it. But never quite finished it, so i haven't replaced it with the trigger version. Its possible... But for now i got a contest with Microsoft and anther one with intel i am trying to win. I recently got though my first round of my windows verison of roller coaster and they sent me a ultra book :)

    So for now you will likely have to check out my windows version, Its pretty solid, and has a pretty fun game mode in it. Ill post it in a few weeks when i submit to the intel appup contest round 2.
    hmmm you never gave me credits for doing your rollercoaster cart model nor the rollercoaster track model x(
    hey rover wats up i havent seen u in ages , ive been hosting ur map a few times and it fills up quite fast somtimes im making a map seeing if u want to help. from master-cheif ,master-chief, killa78 and python57
    im normaly on west on master-cheif :grin:
    Roller Coaster.. You're an example for all mappers, imo. Extracting so much power out of the war3 editor... i wonder what you will make with SC2 :eek:

    Fine, I was working on a 100% remake of the game in vJass its geting there and has support beams and better connecting tracks. But I been really busy with my job.
    You might wanna update the text above your avatar ;)
    PS: Since you've started mapping in starcraft, does it mean you could stop mapping for warcraft?
    In the process of building roller coaster for starcraft 2, More like learning how to use the editor, but I getting there.
    I Did submit, but Apperntly They were looking more for theme parks not a screen shot of warcraft 3 roller coaster mod. Anyway I didnt make it. But I did happen to get beta key :)
    Lol, never notíced you wrote :)
    I am sure it were you. Did you win that contest for Starcraft II beta keys or did you not submit?
    Maybe. I had 2 people try to do it but I ended up not going with it. The game has been restarted in vJass and is fairly far along.
    Hey, i think i remember you, didn't i one day create terrain for your roller coaster?
    Unless otherwise indicated in the Competition Details, your Team does not need to consist of members who are legal residents of the same country/region, but your Team can only represent one (1) country.
    Nuff said.
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    (Post) Very nice map! It deserves DC. I don't know why there are idiots that don't appreciate this new elaborate system. I think with your current programming skill, you'll have bright future!
    Well, Feel free to open the map. its not locked. And ya, its Pure GUI, not including leaks. I know a bit of C++ and c# i am at cs260 working with pointers and hashtables at school.
    Just wondering, with the whole "uses GUI tag", did you make your rollercoaster map with GUI? It seems a bit advanced for that (well I know you can get just as advanced with GUI as Jass but it takes a h#@# of a lot more work).
    hey rover, nice roller coaster map.
    i have a roller coaster model, if you want ill give you to it for the 3D art credits.
    Hey Rover, met you bnet a few days ago. Was interested in doing some terrain work, did you get my PMs?
    Not Quite. But I did Make Roller Coaster In it. But I stopped because i got busy. But It still works the builder at least. And i know c# fairly well.
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