Untitled Pokemon Project - .85b [1/2/2009]

Untitled Pokemon Project - .85b [1/2/2009]
[If anyone can pitch a decent name I'd be thankful]
Feature List:
-Unique Combat System
Based on the one featured in the games, allowing multiple elements and varying strengths based on the elemental type of moves and the targets.
-Working Status Effects
Poison, Sleep, Frozen, Burn, it all still goes in this map just like in the games.
-Open world
Visit a custom region, with its own gyms and challenges.
-Your Adventure doesn't end when the Map does
Save/Load system will come shortly, allowing the player to move Pokemon from play to play.
-Trading/Battling Other Players
Bring your friends into the game and trade rare Pokemon and battle your friends.

Well I know everyone who's reading this at one point or another has played a Pokemon game, and agrees with one thing. They are very good RPG's, but their general attitude/crowd seems to be aimed at the younger generation, which has enforced a negative view on said subject.

This project began as an attempt to bring the wonders of the games to life in an OpenRPG style, I had played the map "Pokemon World" back on Battle.net quite a few times, and enjoyed its systems, but the general content/game style was hideous (to me at least) and felt kinda lacking.

So began this map, it was started as something to play on LAN with some friends and may someday become more, but what I am honestly needing is some general help with testing it, albeit I have friends to help they just do not provide as much testing as I need to make sure all my systems work correctly.

We can all come to one agreement, Battle.net has been plagued with horrid Pokemon based map after horrid Pokemon based map, I'd like that to end.

Current Release: .85b
Known Issues:
-Evolutions/Extra Moves not implemented for anyone but Charmander
:This is just me waiting to do content for last and basic backbone first.
-No Hotkeys
:Another "Content for last", generally T should be the default hotkey, but not always true.
-World is Empty-ish
:See Above.
-Backpack needs a "back to Trainer" button
:Coming Soon
-Erratic Health Bar for those who have Always View Health Bars On
:Your backpack will randomly teleport to your player at given intervals, its just part of the map, I'll find a way to fix it eventually, but for now its a simplified backpack system.
-Imbalanced Stats
:Stats are not currently balanced or set correctly.
:pokemon/Trainers have collisions, making it so that they can block paths, will be fixed.
-Brown Trainer in your Room
:Leftover bug from a few changes, will be fixed shortly.
-Holy Shit Doodads!

Coming Content:
-NPC Gym/Trainer system
:Hoping to finish this soon, basically you'll be able to challenge NPC's to battles to gain money as well as Gym Leaders to gain "Trainer Levels" and Gym badges
-Save/Load System and Codes
:Allowing a player to save their Pokemon and Trainer Level between games is something I'm looking forward to, turning this into a true ORPG.
-The World
:Terraining is still in the works as you will see around the demo, I have some terrain done but a lot still needs some work, including various areas that correspond to more elements.
-Legendary Combat System
:This will come FAR in the future probably, but the concept is that Legendaries are ridiculously rare spawns that are a chance to spawn every so many defeated Pokemon in their area. I would like to make them epic battles similar to a boss battle in any game, but that's a might.
-Trading/Battling other Players
:This will come relatively sooner.
-Stat Rebalancing
:Currently Strength = Attack, Agility = Special Attack, and Intelligence = Power Points, this system will be changed in the future to Strength = HP, Agility = Attack, and Intelligence = Special Attack, so that way varying Pokemon can have varying HP growth.
-Camera Lock/Pokemon-Trainer Follow
:Camera will be locked to the player in future versions, Pokemon will autofollow Player as well or vice versa.

Possible Systems:
-Restructuring of Pokemon Summon system
:Basically I've been concepting a system that would give you 2 abilities, one opens a dialog to choose your active Pokemon, and the other is your "Summon/Put Away" said Pokemon, not sure if I'll use it or not.
-Restructuring of Backpack system.
:Very simple format, could use a little work.
-Some sort of Power Point control
:Used to have a system in place for it, but ended up being a nightmare, so its been dumped for now until I can find a simple solution.

Please post constructive comments/criticisms, the sheer amount of flames this map will probably create is going to be a mess to handle most likely, so keep it to a minimum.

My coding/trigger structures are a mess I am aware, unless you can provide a definitive non-JASS solution, please refrain from correcting them, I don't use JASS, nor do I intend to, and I don't want to be told my coding style is wrong or unorthodox without proper correction.

Otherwise, knock yourselves out, some commands for debugging use:
:Teleports you to the lab, free Rare Candy, generally when testing something new (Like the Poison and Frozen status effects) I just drop things up there for testing, its empty as of .85b except free Rare Candy spawn.


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Level 26
Jun 15, 2006
I think the attack system should be based of those item skills which you can use XYZ times till you can´t use them anymore.Just like in the real game
And all skills should cost 1 mana and depending on you mana regeneration you can attack faster/slower than your opponent
I think the attack system should be based of those item skills which you can use XYZ times till you can´t use them anymore.Just like in the real game
And all skills should cost 1 mana and depending on you mana regeneration you can attack faster/slower than your opponent

Well there are a few concepted ways of doing PP we have discussed, one of them involves using items with charges instead of abilities, but the problem lies in that when I spawn wild Pokemon I'd have to run scripts to give them said items, and the AI for Neutral Hostile wouldn't use the items to attack, and trying to determine what the max charge amount for said ability would be.

We ran into some issues and pretty much decided its just better to not have one for now, until we can solve some of the minor issues such a system would bring.