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[Solved] Uhm. Is anybody can help me with brackets and Math?

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Level 17
Jun 2, 2009
Hello everyone. I am trying to make this ability and i have a serious problems with Math and Brackets. What am i missing in here?

Hero deals extra damage based on his Strength. 1.4/1.8/2.2/2.6x damage based on Strength.

  • Unit - Cause GDD_DamageSource to damage GDD_DamagedUnit, dealing ((Real((Strength of GDD_DamageSource (Include bonuses)))) + (1.00 + ((Real((Level of X for GDD_DamageSource))) x 0.40))) damage of attack type Normal and damage type Normal
Update: Ok it looks like i have solved the issue. I have changed first + with x...
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Level 40
Feb 27, 2007
In the future if the grouping is really starting to make it difficult to follow, you can always create some variables and compute the value sequentially in a few lines. Efficiency doesn't matter here.
  • Set Dmg = (Real(Strength of GDD_DamageSource (Include Bonuses)))
  • Set Level = (Level of ... )
  • Set Scaling = (1.00 + (0.40 x Level))
  • Set Dmg = (Dmg x Scaling)
In this instance you could have used 1.40 + 0.4*(lvl - 1) as well. If there isn't an easy/simple relationship to get the values you want you can also use an array:
  • Set StrScaling[1] = 0.8
  • Set StrScaling[2] = 1.2
  • Set StrScaling[3] = 3.33
  • Set StrScaling[4] = 6.5
  • Set StrScaling[5] = 10.0
  • -------- then you do something like --------
  • Set Dmg = (Dmg x StrScaling[Level])
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