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Tutorial Forum: Standards, Expectations, and Information

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Tutorial Forum: Standards, Expectations, and Information:

Yes, this is long overdue. I've noticed that there are guidelines for tutorials but nothing to really explain the tutorial approving process. While it may not seem so, there are several qualifications that must be met for a tutorial to be approved. Note that a lot of this is very subjective, but there isn't really a way to get around that.


  1. While this section is considered a tutorial forum, a submission does not necessarily have to be a tutorial.
    Some things just don't fit as tutorials, but don't really belong anywhere else. If something is helpful to users, and does not have a more appropriate forum, it will usually have a place here. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Tutorials
    • Videos
    • Lists
    • Guides/Visual Models
    • References
    I have made the argument before in threads when something is not very tutorial-esque, but usually I want a user to get something helpful out of it. Things such as samples may be deemed as "helpful", but usually they are better served in other areas such as the spells section or the WEHZ/Triggers & Scripts forum. Again, this is a subjective process so there may be some exceptions to this rule.​
  2. A tutorial may be graveyarded if there is a superior tutorial that covers the same concept.
    There are countless tutorials that are repeats of others. While it is not the worst thing in the world, usually if there is a better one you'll want users to read that one instead, no? It is essentially directing someone to a helpful consultant over a less-helpful consultant. I may use a lack of originality as a critique when reviewing tutorials, but remember that it does not mean your tutorial is useless. You can still make updates to improve the tutorial, and I may replace the other version with yours or I may allow them to coexist. However, if there is already a really good tutorial explaining a topic, then try to find a different topic to explain or make sure that you are using a different or better technique.​
  3. Images must be attached to the Hive.
    It is a pretty annoying rule, but it is one of the most important ones. When using an image uploading site, they will often remove images that are very old or haven't been viewed/downloaded in a long time. For some tutorials, that will result in a loss of the tutorial's greatness. Therefore, you should attach all images to the hive to ensure that they won't be lost.​
  4. Avoid overly-simple topics.
    For example, someone explaining how to open the trigger editor may be deemed as too simple. Those tutorials usually are not needed. The exception to this rule is if enough users deem it useful.​
  5. A tutorial may be rejected due to improper explanations, bad grammar, bad techniques, bad visuals, or a lack of images.
    First of all, by "reject" I don't mean that I will delete your tutorial. I never do that unless a user requests me to. It simply means that your tutorial will need changes before it can be approved.

    Now, the first qualification is obvious. If something is not explained well, then it will not be of any use. Bad grammar is a bit less important, but sometimes it will break the flow of a tutorial or make things unclear. If English is not your first language, that is perfectly fine. Usually I will make the appropriate changes to the grammar wherever I see fit. As for bad techniques, I may not approve the tutorial or I will graveyard it if the techniques used are not efficient or sufficient. (or usually if there is a better way) It is like choosing to ride horseback to deliver mail over using the postal service. It just doesn't make sense. The final qualification is images. I will never reject a tutorial for not having images, but I will usually recommend adding images as they help users the most. In some cases, where images are necessary, I may require it.
    Colors and BB code can help to make your tutorial more attractive. Though, be aware that too much formatting, like coloring each part of the normal text, is prohibited.
    Formatting should only help to outline important information and to keep things sorted.​
  6. The tutorials must relate to Warcraft III or the Hive in some way.
    The miscellaneous section is not for random tutorials. Something like "How to plant a rose garden" would not fit in that section--those tutorials belong in off-topic.​
  7. A tutorial may be graveyarded due to a lack of updates.
    Some users just abandon their tutorial after they've submitted it, or sometimes users go to the hive, make an account, make a tutorial, and then leave forever. If I expect changes and none are made, it won't sit in the tutorial submission forever. I will graveyard it to make room for newer tutorials.​
  8. Graveyarded threads are not dead. They are just sleeping.
    Just because your tutorial is in the graveyard forum does not mean that it is dead forever. Usually it just has not been updated. If you ever want to update it or post a response to a thread in the graveyard, just contact me and I will gladly move it out as soon as possible.​


If you are a user viewing a tutorial and you find a problem, contact me with an explanation of what problem you have. If something has incorrect information, I may move it back to the submission forum, or I will correct it for you. If a tutorial is outdated, contact me and I will graveyard it. A lot of tutorials are old and have not been approved by me, and I don't have a whole lot of time to sift through all of them. Therefore, if you see a problem or a violation in a tutorial, just contact me.

If you want a tutorial to be viewed (I already do this but contacting me may be enough motivation for me to speed up my pace) or moved or deleted, just contact me as well.

If you want a tutorial to have a different title, contact me. I will change it for you. (if you are the owner) I might not see the post if you simply post it in the thread.

General Information:
  1. Try to avoid posting things from websites of illegal activity such as xgm. Try to find an alternative link or upload the file yourself.
    While it is true that we allow WoW exports in maps, we do not condone or want to be associated with exports from any other games. If you find a link violating this rule, please report it.​
  2. Locked threads in the tutorial forums and in the graveyard.
    Contact me and I will open them for discussion.​
  3. If your thread has not been viewed yet...
    Sometimes I skip over a tutorial. Or sometimes I'm too lazy to review one. But hey, waiting 1-2 months for something to be approved is a lot better than the old queue of never having it approved. :D Just contact me and I will be sure that I check it thoroughly.​

Final Words:

Why did I make this thread? To clarify things. I know not many will read it. However, if I am making a review and someone argues against it or is unsure of what I mean, I can refer them to this thread to see my reasoning. Remember that I will still make exceptions, but don't rely too much on it because these guidelines are pretty easy to follow. Have fun. :)
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