The Graveyard: Please Read!

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Oct 6, 2004
The Graveyard is a place we have designated to store tutorial submissions that for one reason or another were not approved.

This graveyard was originally created when we switched to vBulletin: we required a place to move any non-needed tutorials.

The author can ask for the reason(s) why his/her tutorial was buried here, although we will probably state them at the time that we're moving the tutorial submission(s).

If there is any buried tutorial that you wish to edit/update in order to get it approved, do so and THEN request it to be moved. Don't spam, be polite, request it once.
If you would like to do this, send a Private Message to a Tutorial Moderator.
At the time of the last edit this means @PurgeandFire .

This forum is reserved for rejected tutorial submissions only. All other unsuitable threads should be moved to the Recycle Bin board.
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