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Off line HTML Based 3d Modeling Tutorial (WIP)

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I don't know where to put this because this is just a WIP of my html based off-line tutorials. I want the community to give additional info/tutorials or even suggestions on how can I make this even better.

I don't know if the moderator in the tutorial section would approve this when this is done and I upload this in the tutorial section.

The tutorial is focused is using Mdlvis and war3 model editor.

Please. To all model creators, I would love it if you become a part of this project by writing some tutorials in a note pad with a couple of images and upload it here so I can consolidate them and include them in this pack. Or, even just a comment/suggestions on how this can be improved with regards to its packaging or its contents. The author of a certain tutorial will properly be included.

As I have said, the one included here is just a WIP and needs some more work.

Please, move this to the correct forum if I have mistaken with the forum I made this thread.

Thank you,



  • 3d modeling tutorials.zip
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For the mean time, here are the list of what includes the tutorial:
Currently, the sections which have been finished are on basic use of mdlvis. This also includes creating attachment weapon from a plane using mdlvis as a tool.


  • Tut.png
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Level 17
Nov 11, 2010
If it's focused on modeling I'd think it would go to the modeling section since it's aimed at modelers for modelling purposes.
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