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Turn-based systems, know any good ones?

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Nope, turn based systems are easy to code in GUI (too easy to be uploaded in the system section). You'll need a variable (Boolen) that decides who's turn it is: Set PlayerTurn[1] = Player 1, PlayerTurn[2] = Player 2.

Now create a timer and every 60 seconds randomize variable from PlayerTurn[0-2]. If it picks 1 then it's PlayerTurn[1] = Player 1 ect...
It will switch turn every 60 seconds.

If nobody wants to do this request, I might do it for you.
Level 28
Mar 25, 2008
Well, if you want me to, I can send you my half-finished turn-based RPG fight system which uses stats as parameters.
To make it work, you have to make each enemy a hero so wc3 can read it's atk/agi/int (that, or you rely on internal values to create an AP-based combat system).
It's based on dialogs and cinematic spells, things you see in Golden Sun, Grandia 2 and the likes.
It also includes a half-done camera rotation system which needs some limits in terms of the maximum angle on the x-axis but it's workable...
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