Top 10 RPG Maps Ever

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Jun 23, 2008
I was thinking about best rpg maps for wc3, and maybe me, or you didnt play in some realy good ones so thats why im making this thread.

The way in counting maps as top ones is:
- alot of JASS and custom triggers
- custom and original item, stat & skill, inventory, models and overall system
- amount of oryginal quests
- epic fights
- story
- terrain
- bugs
- music effects (optional)
- playable for 3-10 players
- saves

Top 5 for me:

1. TKoK: Eastern Kingdom
2. Dark Invasion
3. Final Fantasy Epic RPG
4. Imagica (maybe not best but was cool)
5. TBR

Waiting for your opinions.
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Jun 23, 2008
well i told all conditions in my first post

whats the difference between rpg and orpg?
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Aug 20, 2007
1: TKoK:Eastern Kingdom
2: Everquest:Ventura quest(1 month to get to max lvl?omg fun!)
3: Dark Invasion
4: TBR
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Apr 15, 2004
And an RPG just has a linear storyline, while an ORPG is more do-it-yourself.
That statement is epic fail, because how completely FALSE it is.
ORPG is an online rpg that may or may not have a strict story.
rpg is offline, and may or may not have a strict storyline.
even though games with strict storylines are more of adventure games then a true rpgs.

anyway, there was a decent final fantasy ORPG floating around for a while.
sadly that was the only decent one i can think of atm.
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Sep 6, 2006
Are they still working on it? I know it was down for a while. Have they released the full version of the demo? The one with the new systems and whatnot?
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Aug 20, 2007
Yes,2.02 is out.They're working for 2.03 and save codes from 2.02 will be loadable at future versions
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Jun 18, 2008
1. TBR
2. Forlorn
3. TKoK
4. Hightlander ORPG
5. Slayers RPG

...Many more :eek:

ORPG = Multiplayer game where you can save/load your character.
RPG = Changing world and usually single player.

ERRRR, you wrong...

ORPG (Open Role Playing Game):

This is a rpg where you can go ANYWHERE On the map to get EXP.

RPG (Role Playing Game):

Certain places where you may go to get EXP.

Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
This in not really an off-topic thread as it does relate to WC3 and its expansion and thus is being moved to the Warcraft 3 discussion forum.

I would have to say the best RPG was Final Fantasy Forever (early versions). The later versions of that map just messed people around with their insainly rigged bosses that showed flawed level design (too many OH-KO moves). With their current ballence if they continued the game's plot and made the RPG the planned size, it would have become impossiable to beat as one can only survive so many OH-KO moves in a certain bracket of time.

Thus the positive sides to it were the fun and team work concept as well as the well planed abilites and massive map to explore for a WC3 game.
The downsides to it were the bad boss and bady designs as well as the anti cheat systems added in later versions that hindered game play.

As second best RPG I would have to go FF epic rpg. The whole concept was awsome to start with and really game a final fantasy feel. The number of quests and leveling certianly meant I wasted a lot of time on it. Sadly the author lost interest in it and gave it to what seems a total FF noob who added total shit and bugs instead of polishing what he had already. As a result the rating of this drastically fell after the code system was messed up completly, the level system was made not very FF like and 2 rigged hardly heard of classes were added to the map that totally removed the point of all other classes as well as retardedly rigged items that seem to have come from an LoaP. Thus the older versions of this map are still better and I recomend playing the last versions made by ILYAS and not that even more lazy new author who probably should not map.

For my third favorite. I will have to go with JULIANS RPG. That map was insainly fun and although had some ballence flaws with moves, certainly kept one busy for quite a time. The detail put into it is worthy of top notch RPGs and thus easilly diserves this place as one of the top 3. The lack of propper tough badies when you had rigged equipment was the msot major problem and thus this did not score higher but this RPG is definatly one I recomend playing atleast a few times.
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Jul 10, 2007
When Freedom Slips Away by RDZ
This Wreckage by RDZ
TKOK by Phoenix_VIII and wtv his name I forgot...
Zombie Island by King Klear (Survival actually...)

I can't think of any more decent RPG...

Perhaps, old time classic, Spidering Willcage?
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Jul 3, 2008
1. TKoK: Eastern Kingdom 2.02beta
2. Dark Invasion
4. Seol ORPG
3. TBR
5. Master Crafters

TKoK: Eastern Kingdom...just insane, long-lasting, and kills time (y else do ppl lay wc?) 10/10

Dark Invasion: Gives you a chance to play as the enemy, has a story-line, just enough of the "extra stuff" 9/10

Seol ORPG: Love the equipment upgrade thing, the equipment sets, not too slow lvling and not too fast, long-lasting and always a challenge 9/10

TBR: Good spell system, lots of bosses, crafting proffessions, MANY quests, too laggy and sum heroes better than others (with an obvious build) 8.5/10

Master Crafters: Another great spell system, distributable stats, MANY equips, lots of bosses, awsome class system, not enough quests and too much of a grind fest 8/10
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Jul 4, 2007
The List: Warchasers, SOL's Open RPG, Soul World, Crusade RPG, Explore the Ruins, Wacraft Rogue, Athistaur's Darkness, D&D Calim River, FVORPG, Isles at War, Legacies, Sagas, The King of Dragons, TKoK, Trynton RPG, Isle of Despair.
Kinda hard to actually select a watch-worth RPG, especially when you have over 950 MBs of maps.
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May 5, 2008
Theres only 1 TYPE of RPG on battle net I like and that would be LOAP, you roleplay and its a game, so yes, It counts, but If I have to NAME them.

1.LOAP Resident Evil
2.LOAP Special Edition
3.LOAP in LA Advanced (My own creation ^^)
5.LOAP Custom

No other LOAP deserves to be mentioned.
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Feb 5, 2008
TKOK 2.02 Beta is pure win...the item system/spells/quests/dunegons/items period makes it the best rpg ive ever played...i mean you can use about 20 items, and btw LOAP is not even a frickin rpg...its a rp....which means role play, as in you pretend your something your not, and have fun with it...rpg is a save/load game with quests items and other cool stuff
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Dec 1, 2006
Well, I like Single Player RPG more than any other genre of warcraft maps, not to fond of ORPG, though. Some of the best RPG maps I've player are:
- This Wreckage
- When The Freedom Slips Away
- Legend of Magnador
...all I can think of for now.
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Aug 20, 2007
Yeh,When Freedom slips away is awesome too,too bad I accidently made difficutly higher and creeps had 1000000 hp :eek:

I like city of drugs as well
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Mar 4, 2008
I'm extremely biased when a question like this is asked because the only rpgs I've ever played were Julien's, Mr. Funsocks (w/e it was called), and TBR. My favorite of these would have to be Julien's. There is one OPRG though that I'm sure to play both because it was made by 2 ppl in my clan and second because they've kept me waiting so long for it's release it really is impossible not to be excited about it. Although Fate ORPG hasn't come out yet I'm pretty sure that will be the one and only O/RPG that I'll ever play.
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Jul 20, 2008
1. Dark Lineage Owen
2. Dark Lineage Owen (without translations)
3. Dark Lineage Owen (hacked version)
4. Dark Lineage Owen (bugged version)
5. Dark Lineage Owen (the name alone)

or seroiusly

1. Dark Lineage Owen 0.08
2. FFF (it was fun before, not anymore)
3. *reserved*
4+. Legacies
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Jan 16, 2009