Tides of War 2.0

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Tides of War 2.0 (Campaign)

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What do you think of my campaign?

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Level 1
Jun 20, 2014

I have a BUG.

In chapter three - part two.

When I need rescue the archer which are below my base - their magical pen is invincible and I cannot go to the next level... Nothing helped... Pls help !!
Level 1
Jun 20, 2014
You just need to destroy the lever that is next the walls! :)


thx for info :) It worked :)

But I found pretty big bug in the game. In chapter four - mystic lands. Almost everytime I destroyed the main building of enemy game crashes... This chapter needed 10 attempts and lots of savings to get through.

Can you do something with that? :)


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Level 3
Sep 30, 2012
Chapter 3 part 2
i have the fatal error after killed Sintharia Cinderweave and took her item
If i'm not greed about her item, i can go to next chapter but it's only a rare chance (save-load) LOL :goblin_wtf:


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Level 2
Oct 25, 2014
I was quite enjoying this campaign, until I came to a level breaking bug in Chapter Six - The Thunder King. After rescuing Jaina and Lor'themar Theron, I was then ambushed by an orange Zandalari attack force. This resulted in me using Jaina to teleport everyone back to my base. Unfortunately I now have no way of getting back into the citadel, as the gates into it are invulnerable, and the teleport spell does not work on naval units. So I am unable to experience the rest of the level.
Level 4
Jan 8, 2014
Hey a good campaigne and i enjoyed it was hard , anyway there is one thing that makes me feel a bit empty .. its the heros inventory :D no special items or even normal items but more i dont know and Kalec items like health stone and mana stone arent transfered to next chapter ... do you have plans for more items and special items ? i felt a bit sad with such empty heros. anyway it was a great campaign and good luck
Level 3
Dec 8, 2013
A really well-made campaign, I must admit, not comparable to most other examples made these days. On the other hand, it has a ton of grammatical errors. And by a ton I man a LOT. I'm afraid, it's useless for me to report them, you only need to read each sentence carefully and you will find mistakes in half of them. I'm tired of exclamation marks followed by commas!,

On the other hand, I'm not sure if it will ever be updated, just hope v2.0 will be better in this respect. I r8 8/8!,
Level 5
Dec 12, 2014
A really well-made campaign, I must admit, not comparable to most other examples made these days. On the other hand, it has a ton of grammatical errors. And by a ton I man a LOT. I'm afraid, it's useless for me to report them, you only need to read each sentence carefully and you will find mistakes in half of them. I'm tired of exclamation marks followed by commas!,

On the other hand, I'm not sure if it will ever be updated, just hope v2.0 will be better in this respect. I r8 8/8!,

Regarding grammatical errors~it is something fixable. You will see a sample of Chapter 1's re-phrased texts--hmm--soon :ogre_hurrhurr:

On a side note, although I am a straight guy I still find the models of Kalecgos and Halduron Brightwing super hot. Okay maybe Kalecgos' should be super cold---you know what I am saying, right?
Ahem. Nothing to see here.
Level 5
Dec 12, 2014
Thank you for making this amazing campaign, Forsaken.

I am posting some stuffs for people who would like to take a look at how dialogues and stories will appear in v2.0

:goblin_boom:Mind the spoilers:goblin_boom:

More coming soon. Thx and please let me know what you think.


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Level 1
Mar 12, 2016
This campaign is awesome! It would've been better too if you could add the siege of Orgrimmar, would've been cool. Good job! this campaign was really good :)

Deleted member 239421


Deleted member 239421

Hey Forsaken, are you planning on adding the 6 missions where you beat Garrosh in the future?
Level 1
Apr 8, 2016
Forsaken read this please: i know why people are having problems download finishes around 50-60 mb
i tried downloading with different browser but it finishes halfway :'( pls fix it


Map Reviewer
Level 56
Jun 4, 2009
Why is this in the Substandard part of the maps section!?

-did Jaina have to look older? Where are her pure white garments spilled with the liveliness of purple?
-Thrall, I mean Go'el's model is weird; it's standing animation makes him levitate


-why should we play dragons in human form?
-Arcane Resistance has a "hotkey" but it is a passive ability
-why doesn't the lady dragon hero have an actual hero inventory?
-Kyrigosa has Frost Nova so do those lady warriors
-the Mana Colossus is just a Mountain Giant; there's only a passive to differentiate it from the latter but it's no big deal
-bears attack the player units but not the rescuable warriors that are even nearer the bears too; anyways, dragons fighting bears...
-the heroes have level three but only two levels for their current chosen spells
-Warmage's Dragon Form takes more food...; there's also a huge difference between the dragon form and the human form in what the strength of that unit is concerned; the heroes in their Dragon Form have the same strength
-the archmage hero's Arcane Resistance can be clicked
-how did the Mana Colossi get on the other side after the scene with the Kirin Tor?
-why is Kalecgos considered the Kirin Tor troops' lord?
-main quest update: 1/3 keys found; I don't even remember having to find them; the text in the quest log did not appear in the firs main quest (The Search); the other two are undiscovered
-the archmage hero also has a weird inventory
-Anutriis can be brought near the edge of the high ground and killed without the need to fly there
-the undiscovered quest with the keys was completed
-Katrinwhatever's lines last for a few seconds, time that is not enough to read them
-now, she says I need to get the keys, when I already have them!?
-the Kantina dragon didn't even prove a match

-this orc thing is too silly; they've been turned into the Burning Legion; they're just a bunch of orcs on a piece of dirt; they might be able to take Theramore but that's it
-Kalecgos seems to have forcefully forgotten about the Iris and just went into helping Jaina

-I didn't get it right; did they say the orcs were also marching towards the nelves lands too? If so, that's even sillier
-a lot of the dialogues last just a few seconds
-so, the belves are there too; I don't know how they marched unnoticed from Quel'thalas to Kalimdor
-Breath of Frost's icon looks exactly like Magic Flux's
-when did the Forsaken also reach Kalimdor secretly?
-not fair; enemy heroes have temporary invulnerability when they reach under 10% HP; they attack the player's heroes or the allied units during that time...
-wait, shouldn't Baine Bloodhoof be on Jaina's side?
-Apothecary has hero glow
-the orcs come attack one building and if there's no one to get their attention, they get back to their base; it's good for the player though since the orcs have 3 tenth level heroes
-units selected during the last scene

-this soap opera is deviating, quickly

-orc troops and nelves were sitting for a chat until Tyrande and Jaina came qiute near them
-curse by her own belves of the Kirin Tor... it's not like most belves weren't in the horde anyway
-there are no ships, not even portals; how did the enemy get there?
-units selected during the end scene plus Tyrande's Searing Arrows autocast glint was seen through the cinematic mode border (I guess, disable user control?)

-Modera's base is constantly attacked and Jaina is barely; after some fast attack, not even Modera's base is attacked anymore
-the Peasants will go to a Magic Hall instead of a Wagon to leave the lumber, I mean crystals
-Farstrider has hero glow
-funny thing is I destroyed the Sunreaver Keep along with Aethas before doing the final quest of saving the Archers; I used Modera too; then in the scene you see Anduin coming with Modera through a portal to ambush Aethas; where were the other Kirin Tor mages?
-these long discussions are so boring; try not to put them into the levels too; leave them only for interludes


-Kirin Tor has retarded people; firs the other wizard were nowhere to be found, then Aethas was freed...
-there are trolls in Pandaria?
-and where/how does Modera know so much about Pandaria?
-Polymorph can be used on the gate keeper
-is the yellow base supposed to send troops to attack? The two heroes can handle it without having to build their base
-who has put the owl near the southeastern mine? A nelf?
-Elementals have hero glow
-don't get anything for killing the troll god
-the pandaren are seemingly surrounded by idle trolls; the bears are also idle
-how did Jaina get there and why was she invisible?
-so, the level can be finished with the two heroes without the need to build a base as the AI won't start playing :D

-the pandaren hero has no glow and no inventory
-shouldn't the disabled obelisks stop being animated?
-I suggest reducing the timer of the obelisks deactivation; it's not like Jaina has to be defended during that time anyway; make it able to be done after the guardians of a obelisk are dead
-the Thunder King is dead but is alive!? The snake was wandering awaiting the Thunder King but now has to be awakened!?
-Nethermancer has hero glow
-Arcane Disruptors have no available spells
-seems like the belves came with nelven ships
-after meeting the belves, one Monk just disappeared
-Healing Wave and Healing Ward have the same hotkey
-Lor'themar: "charge my warriors!" towards the dragon but he and his fellow troops went back to base
-that dragon sure is weak; Shan Bu is way stronger

-Improved Bows could be placed under the Archer's Hunter Mark instead of under the Battlemage
-Wagons don't take any food and they have a lot of HP and heal or restore mana; they're also quite cheap
-that Scepter of Healing from the previous level, so powerful, basically a movable and permanent Healing Ward
-Lor'themar's level three 3rd spell says 1200 damage is reduced instead of 12
-the Wagon's pathing is broken; it acts like its a Warcraft II unit and goes toward the trees instead of circling around
-Primordius is a weakling
-so... how were they teleported there becoming trapped? What a prison in the sight of everyone...
-thing is, Jaina can teleport to the base after being rescued
-what's this with Generators everywhere? Everybody has magic technology?
-it's just weird that some gates can be destroyed and others cannot
-aren't the other bases supposed to send troops? the heroes can catch them from behind without their AI activated; I did not open the main gate to the citadel (guess the Generators do that; only destroyed one of them)
-Horridon has a broken portrait; it looks like a vine or something
-Lei Shen can be defeated by the three heroes alone; that means he is weak
-there was a great deal a part of the map in the southwest that wasn't discovered; was that the place for cinematic scenes? I wasn't that curious to use iseedeadpeople
-besides being a linear level, it needs to be harder


-StarCraft hybrid?
-this level's problem is not linearity, it's gameplay; it's basically attack+move

I can see you're very good at sceneries and visuals but gameplay is not your strong point. Some levels were fine others were just way too easy.
I won't say anything else about the story than that it is chidlish and boring.

Level 3
Dec 10, 2016
I recently finished your campaign. Overall, it is good.

Things I really like:
1) The Kirin Tor faction.
2) The story is based mainly on WoW, right? It's great!
3) Characters' personalities, emotions, thoughts is fully delivered.
4) Jaina's and Vereesa's spells.
5) Really love the landscape, the terrain, the beautiful-misty-shrouded Pandaria. Those opening views at the beginning of each mission. And the music, too.

Things I think that should be improved:
1) Many dialogues disappeared too fast, I could not even read it. Dialogues between Jaina and Rhonin for example...
2) The items heroes obtained from many previous missions were not carried into the next missions? That is really bad. :(
3) Like above, I could not entrust Modera with any item because the items would disappear after I finished the current mission.
4) I cannot press ESC button to skip any cutscene??? That's really annoying because I had to wait for the whole-long cutscenes whenever I restarted or loaded game.
5) Many spells' hotkey are not funtional. Jaina's Arcane Flux and Magic Shield, Lorthemar's Wild Strike, etc...
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Level 2
Jul 16, 2016
Your campaign is great, but why you only got "substandard" from admin?
BTW i have some problem here
In chapter one, why map is so dark?
and after i save the game, why if i am load the game there is Fatal error?
i hope you improve your campaign
Tell us if there is any update from you, i'l be waiting to play it.
Level 1
Aug 17, 2018
Hi, can you please also release some earlier versions of this compaign? It seems that the first chapter has changed a lot. I remember there was Scourage forces in this chapter of old versions. There is also another chapter called Trace of Hope. They are pretty good and I want to have a try.