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Thunderlord Raider

Requested by Tagar

He requested only the Normal Version (Green) of him. I did the Fel Orc version myself, because gamepedia says: "The Thunderlord clan was an orc clan that existed for a very long time on Draenor. It remained behind during the first and second wars, however, when Ner'Zhul wanted to open new portals to other worlds, they eventually joined him. In the current day, the Thunderlord clan is mostly defunct, with most of its members having been transformed into fel orcs. The clan was known for its skilled hunters."
(Source: Thunderlord clan - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft)

There weren't any reverence pictures so i had to read this to make this Orc.
He has slight different animations and Spear and a Shield. Also requested by Tagar.

Fel Orc Spikes by General Frank (I am very sorry for not mentioning it.)

-----Update 18. December 2016-----

Thunderlord Raider
-Attack - 1 = Changed the Animation of the Spear (to get a piercing effect) (suggested by Fingolfin)
-Attack - 2 = Removed the Animation completetly

(Could anyone do a BTN/DISBTN of them. Please.
It would be appreciated)
You can download custom made Icons for them, if they are made.

Here: For the Corrupted Version (Green)
made by Zaljinzoo (Credit him for it)

The Fel-Orc Version is currently not available. (Sorry)

Fel Orc Thunderlord Raider (Model)

Thunderlord Raider (Model)

All right, the new animation is not perfect, but at least it does the job! Approved.
I quite like this model, but these two things bother me:

  • Why is he slashing with the spear rather than piercing? I could buy this if it was some kind of halberd, but like this it just looks strange.
  • The custom texture feels a bit redundant, but i can accept it as it is. I understand that you may not have access to a program where you can unwrap models.
Please try to fix the animations and i can approve. Look and see if there are any mounted spear models on this site and perhaps you can transfer their attack animations using Oinkerwinkles anim transfer tool.
Level 3
Jun 29, 2011
I'd somehow forgotten to leave a rating after downloading this. Good thing the Hive reminds you of this, 'cause this deserves at least 4 stars. It's simple and useful, especially since the animation is a proper stabbing now. I hope you manage to bring back the 2nd attack animation one day.