Here's a simple little icon I thought I'd give a hand at throwing together for the Thunderlord Raider model by Mister_Haudrauf, as he did put in a request for anyone to make one, heh.

If he (and everyone else of course) likes this one, I'll see about maybe doing one for the Fel Orc version.

This is my first attempt at making anything other than a simple screenshot icon, and even then this was based off of a screenshot and then done over in Photoshop, so I hope it turned out okay. Tried to make it semi-similar and yet clearly different from the default raider icon.

BTNThunderlordRaider (Icon)

Corresponding resource approved.
Level 9
Mar 16, 2008
These are the type of people we need and that should make the majority of the world.
Thanks for doing this.

Aw, I'm flattered! Thank you for the kind words. :)

I like it. thanks! 4/5
If you make the Fel-Orc-Version then try to make him angry like the
Fel-Orc Raider

Heh, I planned to, whenever I can get around to it! Been busy with the holiday season, and now I'm going to get cracking on my project again, but I'll try to throw one together in my free time! ^^

Pretty cool, and good of you to do. Seems a little flat to me, but if it's a screenshot it must simply be what he looks like. :<

Yeah, I'm going to play around with the highlights and shadows a bit more later, as it does come off a little too flat for my liking. But yep, that's what the original screenshot basically looked like. I just kind of went over it and smoothed a few things out, added some texture to the helmet and such, etc.

could you properly add the model as a corresponding resource?

I had no idea I could do that, haha. Just figured it out now, thanks for the suggestion!