There was something wrong when i played online chess?

Level 9
Jan 13, 2005
I was invited to play chess in the yahoo messenger. I defeated him 2x(straight). I always played black. In the middle of the third & last game suddenly I cannot moved my queen though I was not in the position of being pinned or checked therefore my queen is free to move but unfortunately i cannot move it but the other pieces i can move them. He buzz me & I replied concerning the problem i was dealing w/ that i cannot move my queen then he replied: dunno & who cares? but i responded i will refuse to do any moves other than moving my queen. This is what I have observed that he feared my queen because during the 1st game he losses his rook very early & started to lost units in the king side & of course novice & advance players knows this tactic. While in the 2nd game I checked mate him by surprising him w/ my queen that was supported w/ a bishop. I am not really so sure that i was being cheated so if anyone can give their opinion, they are very much welcome.
Level 22
May 11, 2004
I've played a sizable number of games on yahoo and never seen that prob. Cheating? I dunno, yahoo chess isnt the most sophisticated program, but people must really be bored to cheat in chess...did you know this guy well? Or did he just PM you out of the blue to play you?