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Theory: Tears of Elune, what is it?

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by Razosh, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. Razosh


    Jul 9, 2009
    The Tears of Elune what is it? What we know for certain is that it was one of the artefacts used to create Azeroth, while the other four pillars of creation were titan creations, the Tears of Elune is one created by the assumed Naaru. This is a rather important thing for my other theory posted last week as it proves that she was present during the fall of the Old Gods and with most certainty present prior to it as well.

    But aside from being one of the items that shaped the world and that it has affiliation to Elune, what do we know of it, well... not a bloody thing, and that's what I'm here to change. Lets begin, the tears of Elune, why tears? All other relics have pretty much straight forward names, Khaz'goroth the smith made a hammer. Aman'Thul, the leader of the titans forged a eye, he was also the one who gifted Nozdormu with the power over time, he is therefore the all-seeing titan as he can witness, past present and future. Golganneth, the titan lord of the oceans forged a tidestone. Aggramar the lieutenant of Sargeras made an aegis, which is associated with protection especially in mythology where it often takes the shape of a goatskin shield. But the tears on the other hand are rather confusing, as is Elune. But why is her symbol a tear? Tears can be associated with pretty much any feeling but where they are culturally most present is in joy and sorrow. This is where my other theory from last week comes in quite a lot, if you assume as I stated last week that Elune was present prior to the arrival of the titans, which today seems most likely, then she also saw the reign of the Old Gods.

    If she, as I also theorized was the one who had protected the titan spirit inside Azeroth for all this time that the Old Gods existed then I have the answer. The reason why Elune created a tear is because it's a tear of joy, for probably millennia, if not more, Elune protected Azeroth and finally she was given rest. She had fought probably all her life to protect someone she did not know, but she did it out of the purity of her compassion. That tear is a manifestation of all the joy she felt, after raising and nurturing this fetus for so long, she could finally rest easy knowing that her adoptive daughter was safe. This once again ties together why both Ysera and Tyrande would have adoptive children, because Elune had one and if you read my previous theory you'll know that I believe the two of them to be Elune or a part of Elune.

    So next question then, if the tear of Elune is a manifestation of Elunes purity of compassion, how could it be perverted into a tool of the Old Gods and Xavius? N'Zoth is an Old God and a physical manifestation of chaos, N'Zoth poured his chaos into the tear and through that action perverted the once pure relic into a tear of fear and agony. This is what pulled itself into the very core of Ysera during this cinematic:

    The once pure dragon has now been twisted into a creature of agony and fear. But this is not the end for Ysera, she is later slain in the temple of Elune in Val'Sharah and her dying words are "forgive me, it fealt... so real..." What does this prove well quite simply that in her last moments Ysera was herself. And remember Ysera and Elune are one and the same, in her last moments the purity of Ysera, of Elune shined like a burning star. But then the last question, why did Yseras body disappear?

    In the video you can clearly see that the body of Ysera just vanishes, why? We see clearly that in the place of her body a purified tear arises, it seems undeniable that the two are connected, hence I believe that the last action of Ysera was to infuse herself with the tear, that way infusing her purity into the tear of Elune, restoring it to what it once was. The soul of Ysera now rests within the tear of Elune and it is she who keeps it going, her last deed was to protect the world of Azeroth and maybe she even had the power to save herself, but choose Azeroth instead.

    I'd imagine that now you'd be asking how her soul can be in the tear of Elune, wasn't it pulled by Elune up to rest by her side. If that was the case then Ysera would be kept from the garden of Avianna, where the souls of all the dead aviary creatures go to rest, including dragons. This seems immensely out of character as this would separate Ysera from her brother, the other aspects, the men she loved and te children she raised and seems immensely ego-centric of Elune. I therefore believe that what was pulled up towards the White Lady was not Yseras soul but only a ceremony of remembrance. The reason why I believe this is because it explains so many things, why her body vanished and why the tear was purified.

    In the end this is all fan-fiction that I write to create a better universe and improve the Azeroth I live in, so what is your opinion? Do I solve a lot of problems and create a better universe or am I simply posing more questions than I answer?