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Theory: Elune, Ysera and Tyrande.

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by Razosh, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. Razosh


    Jul 9, 2009
    I'm back beaches!

    Who is Elune, why is she located on the largest moon? As for who she is I'll be going under this theory to explain everything:

    I must admit prior to Legion I didn't think much of Elune being on Azeroth, but in Legion we found out that the planet of Azeroth stores a titan spirit inside, a titan more powerful even than Sargeras. Now that to me seems too much to be a coincidence, a powerful Naaru, five Old Gods and a titan spirit all on one convenient location. Now for those of you who don't know the Void Lords created the Old Gods in order to find an unborn titan and corrupt it that way they'd be able to create a force no one, not even the titans could deal with. This corrupted titan would consume everything in the existing world bringing every single shred of life into the service of the Void Lords. This is why Sargeras went insane, he thought to himself, better to destroy all life in the universe than to let them be slaves to the Void Lords. What drives Sargeras is his fear of the Old Gods and their creators, that is why Sargeras so desperately wants to aces Azeroth so that the world and the Titan spirit can be destroyed, because if the Old Gods win on Azeroth Sargeras will be beging for death before long.

    Another point to bring up is that for a long time it has been said that the Old Gods have buried their way deep inside the planet and the planet is the egg of the titan spirit, in other words they have buried themselves deep within the titan. So why isn't the titan spirit corrupted, it spent quite a lot of time without the help of Aman'thul and the other titans after all? And we saw Sargeras find a world inhabited by at least one Old God and this world had a titan spirit inside it too. Sargeras felt despair as he saw that the sweet song of his people had been twisted by the Old Gods and the existence of this titan spirit had been turned into a waking nightmare. Fear overcame Sargeras as he split the planet in half annihilating the titan stored inside, so why then is it that this titan spirit was infected by the Old God(s) of that planet but the 4 or 5 Old Gods haven't managed to corrupt the titan spirit inside of Azeroth despite them having buried themselves deep into its egg?

    This is where Elune comes in, I believe that Elune has been fighting the Old Gods since the beginning of Azeroths life cycle, after all she is a Naaru and the Naaru where created when the physical world and the titans were created. I believe that the reason why the titan spirit has managed to stay sane despite the influence of the Old God is because Someone elese who has managed to bury herself deep inside Azeroth is Elune. I think that Elune also ultimately realized that she wasn't a titan and hence weren't the best person to help a titan, hence she sent out a distress call trying to get the attention of any Titan and through that managed to get the attention of Aman'thul and the others. After all it would make more sense than just saying that they randomly stumbled across the planet too.

    This brings us to the title, so far I've spoken a great deal of Elune but what about Ysera and Tyrande? The main reason I believe that Elune summoned the titans was so that they could create life on Azeroth, why? Well Elune probably never ventured down to Azeroth knowing that she couldn't best the Old Gods in a physical fight, but a mental fight between them over the sanity of the titan spirit that she might just as well win. Elune probably came to realize that not only would it be easier to fight the Old Gods if they were limited by the titans, by protecting the world she could best aid the titan spirit. Two times the world was in danger of falling, first during the rise of Galakrond, second during the war of the ancients.

    Lets look into the first, the war of the proto-drakes, it is impossible to say that Ysera and Elune does not have a huge connection, Ysera raised the son of Elune, Cenarius. Not to mention this:

    Now can you imagine anyone who has as close a relation to Elune as Ysera? I can, her name is Tyrande Whisperwind. Now you might say, "there are many priestesses of Elune, yes Tyrande is highest ranked but that doesn't have to mean anything." Though you would be quite wrong Tyrande was elected High Priestess during the War of the Ancients this even despite the fact that she was just an initiate and one of the youngest members of the order, why was she elected? Other priestesses said that she had a connection to Elune that no other night elf in recorded history had ever had, she was able to heal wounds that no one else could. Not to mention that when she was taken captive to Zin-Azshari Tyrande was literally protected by Elune, by a shield so strong that not the entire demon horde nor Azshara or her highborne could come even close to breaking it.

    And have you noticed by the way if you compare Ysera and Tyrande in their youths they are immensely similar? All other night elves saw the orc Broxxigar as a savage beast, they caged him, tormented him and were appalled by his very existence. No one was willing to show him kindness, no one but Tyrande, she saw him for the person he was and tried to help him, even convinced Malfurion and Illidan to help her release him. Quite similarly Ysera saw the proto-drakes that Galakrond had corrupted, but unlike her kinsmen she did not hate them, she pitied them for the horror that had befallen them and tried to convince everyone to help her find a cure for them. Ysera even tried to save Galakrond, tried to reason with him, never giving up on anyone. And if you look today now that they're both older they're also similar, both brash and determined that their way is the right way, both willing to sacrifice everything to protect what they believe is right.

    Why are they so similar to one another, it is my theory that they are in fact both, at least in part Elune. Just take a second look at the video I linked, Tyrande has a very different look on her face than the other night elves, they look amazed but Tyrande seems as if she has been touched on a personal level when Elune brings Yseras soul into her arms. I theorize that Tyrande was in fact touched on a personal level and that she realized in that moment that a piece of her had just died. A very piece of Elune had fallen and Tyrande, also being a part of Elune felt this. Why did Elune trust Ysera to raise her child, why did she go to such lengths to protect Tyrande, they ARE both Elune, literally.