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The wait for the REAL new content

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Level 14
Jun 22, 2007
We have a decent system now. A few people ragequit and whine about how the old metagaming was better, but most of us are satisfied.

So many ideas flood the forums at the moment, and most of them are good, even worth considering and implementing, but please Zweibelchen, remember that the only reason this game is really worth playing is not an extra bag slot, a new extra item type, rare unit patrols (as suggested by myself), etc.

What really make this game is its varied quests, terrain, enemies, new spells, items (those types already implemented), different heroes and bosses. Therefore I urge you Zweibelchen to focus solely on new content now, and then, when 1.2B is released, think about other stuff.

All the content we have right now is getting old. We have already killed Gargoyle, Brood mother and Alchemist hundreds of times, and it is still fun, but not for long if we don't get any new content to compare those old bosses to and feel some progression.

This is not meant as a rush post, but simply a priority post to consider what really is important for this game and what is only a secondary issue. As always, thank you for making this great game Zweib, keep up the good work.
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