Why i quited

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Feb 27, 2016
Now this might be one of the most stupidest threats on this Forum but i just wanna make it...

so you maybe probetly not but where wondering where is woeski? now here is why i quited Gaias Retaliation ORPG

Now to start of with it always is a lot of fun to explore a new amazing world! but ofcourse if you lvl more chars its not so "new"

2nd bosses...bosses... i know for a fact that a lot of poeple will complain about this point
but the only REAL fun content in the game IF you reach max lvl and the new RNG dungeon

The Story/plot i love snow area's! but its not really what i want Gaias to become even in 1.2B it was not really about the PLAGUE

so now what i wanna say is that i really like the begin content but since i alreaddy did it a few times its kinda boring now...

i am not trying to let Zwieb make a HUGE update because i am making my own ORPG now so i wont have a lot of time playing Gaias then pls dont give bad reactions now because all i said was wrong and stuff like that this is all JUST MY OPINION

i had a good amount of fun on the map
and i am sorry for the bad stuff i say about such a AMAZING map
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Jul 24, 2006
Maybe to add some more substance to the discussion.
I think about starting a new character, last time i played 1.2A.
But I am not that eager because the last time the very beginning (after character selection) and the farming/flatland area were quite boring/too much grinding.
Is this fixed in the new version? I realy want to play the snow area, last time I tried everything to reach the mountains....but they were not accessible yet.
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Sep 5, 2015
i was simply asking who are u lol..

Anyway farming for bags aint worth it. Even a legendary item is worse than a item that is store bought.
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