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The Lich King's Necrotic Plague

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Level 8
Jun 13, 2008
Actually after searching in the forum long enough, I've seen that someone wanted almost exactly the same spell 4 years ago.

Here's the topic: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/requests-341/necrotic-plague-197261/

Spell is here. Narogog made the spell but its seems kinda unconfigurable to me and my little knowledge on hashtables made this impossible for me to change it in the way I want it.

here's the original spell I want: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=70337/necrotic-plague

the changes I need in the spell I uploaded;
1. debuff should last for 15 seconds and deal damage every 5 seconds. Just like the one I linked above. the spell in the the map I uploaded deals damage per second for 5 seconds.

2. in every jump(curse spreads to another target if original target is dead or the curse is finished) I need a lightning effect between the original target and the new victim so graphically it would be more clear to see who's infected next.

3. and yes this curse should be dispellable. Clarification is important. Otherwise there is no way to stop this spell to spread other units.

4.in every jump, spread I want to build up the attack damage of the hero for +2 for every jump...but I want this extra damage stack to last till the plague ends. so if plague is stopped somehow(maybe its dispelled or there are no any units left to infect) this extra damage should disappear.


  • NarcoticPlague (1).w3x
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