The Human Techtree

Level 48
Apr 18, 2008
Alright, so the Alliance was never properly developed, and therefore all we have are rough drafts and ideas.
Here is a super-early, 2009-2010 version of the Human Techtree:

It's basically a mixture between the WC2 and WC3 techtrees with a few additions of our own. You may wish to use the Gallery to cross-reference the unit icons. There is a more-or-less detailed explanation about the Assassin available here. The Shipyard units were completely redesigned at a later stage - we kept the Transport and Elven Destroyer\Frigate, but we weren't sure about the Battleship, and we had two ideas for new units: The Gnomish Engineering Ship(more or less counterpart to the Goblin War Turtle in being a specialized naval unit), which was to act as a sort of support ship, with abilities that may have included placing down water mines, repairing other ships from afar, and otherwise doing engineering-related things(possibly placing down turrets or other stationary structures in the water). The second idea we had was a Flagship - a one-of-a-kind tier 3 unit, extremely expensive and heavily armored(but slow), which was supposed to act as support for the rest of the fleet. Similar to the Mothership from SC2. It possibly would've had an aura of some kind. A few ideas I personally had for the art direction here was to spawn the Flagship with a unique name(like "Azeroth's Pride" or "Champion of Gilneas") and sails with banners that matched a certain human kingdom. We has some concept art for this ship from Mr.Goblin, but we lost it somewhere along the way. It was meant to be a mixed effort of the dwarves, humans and elves - it would've had a wooden hull reinforced by golden metal railings and borders, with a large, steam-powered engine and two massive 'wheels' at the back, and possibly some magical crystals or perhaps an elven-esque weapon. The elven aspect was the last developed in my head and was not featured on the concept art at all, as far as I can remember.
We messed around with the idea of upgrading Knights to Paladins around at the same time as we considered Ogres and Ogre Magi, but I don't think we ever came to a decision. IIRC, paladins were hard to balance, because they would probably include resurrection or heal spells which might have been either too powerful or too weak against the Orcish Horde, which had nothing of the kind. We ultimately decided to remove Ogre Magi altogether and instead went with the Ogre Mauler, so I'm not sure what would've happened with the paladin.
The Alliance mages were probably the least developed of the bunch, though we were messing around with their spells for a while too, trying to balance them against the Death Knight and Warlock. I don't remember a great deal of it. The Mage(sorceress unit) was to be an offensive mage, possibly with debuffs, but unlikely to have direct damage - that was the Warlock's specialization. The Cleric was to be a supportive, defensive mage, probably with Heal, possibly with various buffs.
Finally, the unit that uses the Zeppelin icon in the techtree would've been a Gnomish Bomber, a heavy, slow flier specializing at siege. I attached the model and rough concept art to the post. Keep in mind it's in Milkshape 3D format, though, and I don't currently have it installed, so if you'd like to convert it ask someone with MS3D.
That was about as far as we got the human techtree, though I am certain we had several other ideas that were not really mentioned here.


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