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The Dungeons - Barrens Menace

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Level 15
Sep 17, 2010

The Dungeons
Barrens Menace

Hello my fellow THW folk. Lets move right to the idea! Its going to be a Dungeon Roamer type map. There will be room for 4 players 3 heroes to chose from for each person. Every player will have to chose a type he wants to be. Mage DPS, Physical DPS, Tank, Healer. yes, nothing special yet. But the map will have a huge amount of items to use, and each item gives you a certain amount of points, these point in the end will be calculated in one big score which will be displayed to you at the end. So at the end of the map you'l get a big screen telling you how much points you got from the dungeons. Then people could beat their old records or compete with other people for the high score!

I am going to work solo for this project at the start, but eventually i need a coder. This coder will do all of the triggers because i was never skilled with triggers. But terrain, units, items will everything be made by me.

The beta for my map will be ready in approximately two weeks. Meanwhile I'll be posting game play screen shots here.

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