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  • Also, it is OUR campaign. Sure, I made up the basics of the lore and started it, but the team is as much a part of this - and as important, as myself. With that I say - feel free to revise anything you see fit. I'll read over it and discuss anything that I don't think would fit well with you and we'll decide on the outcome, I won't just remove it like it was never there.

    Oh, and I think I'm going to try to refrain from using phrases like "Devil" and "God" since by no means is that the religion across the land. Just wanted to say that in advance :p
    I like some of your ideas, but the towers arn't meant to be actual cities. They are actually tall towers, surrounded by 2-3 rings of heavy walls and gates. Nobody actually lives in the cities other than the militant forces, and they are solely designed to look as the darkest, evillest, and deadliest places that look impossible to breach. I didn't go into real detail, I agree, but the campaign is centered in but one region - marked the Forsmarch. This is where the last tower stands. The lore I put up was just a brief explanation, by no means final. If you really want to, you can edit it yourself and send me versions, as all of your ideas seem much better than the briefness currently described. The lore is by no means locked to my vision - it is an imagination shared by the entire team. I also wouldn't consider myself the best writer.
    I know you'll need more info. I'm writing the first few chapters of the lore and a general description of the character's traits right now. It'll be in the pastebin hopefully by the end of today

    EDIT: I added 6 traits per character to the pastebin and some (minor) lore. I'll be writing more tomorrow.
    We're a rather private group as of now. I'm going to wait 'til this gets a bit further to release it to the public.

    Anyways, welcome to the team. I'll send you the lore a little later via private messages.

    Do you think you could come up with pretty solid, descriptive biographies for the main character heroes? (Theres 12.) I realize this is more "writing" than "ideas" and I could probably come up with this myself, but if somebody else could do it I could work on getting spells out and the such.

    EDIT: The general pastebin for the project is here: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/pastebin.php?id=2okow4

    You'll be finding everything you need to know here pretty soon, from minor things ilke model credits to spell ideas, what we need, etc.
    Would you be interested in joining The Forsmarch Campaign team? We don't currently have an official thread, but we're accepting from a lot of positions ranging from anybody skilled in the World Editor to things like ideas, writing, etc. Just send me a Visitor Message/Private Message with what you can do and we'll get it sorted out
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