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[Campaign] The Dundredian Master Project Thread

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Hosted Project: LoA
Level 26
Apr 6, 2014
Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back

win win win... *rambles on*

Ladies and gentlemen of this most prestigious website the dynamic, stress inducing, duo is back again and maybe we'll make your dreams come true or make you develop that arthritis years early.

So welcome, enjoy your stay.
Level 9
Nov 27, 2014
Holy macaroni! Another campaign after legends of arkain! It cool! Cool! Awesome

Everything is awesooome!
Everything is cool when you play Shar's campaign!
Everything is awesome!! When you play Shar's campaign

-TheLegoMovie, Everything is awesome remix by Leo
Level 29
Mar 28, 2015
Thanks you all!

Progress is going quite well. I have decided to combine the lore of three Nesra campaigns into one for this one, that's why the number of maps isn't published yet (even though I have an idea about the exact number).
I've also updated the credits list.

I just hope this will be as good as Arkain.
Good to see you back Shar.
Level 20
Dec 19, 2013
Well Well something new to play with for this long summer!
Really Hyped up for this project!!!!!!

Good luck Shar and Kas!
Level 2
Jul 11, 2015
Played your last series, what a great campaign, and sad to see it go. It actually inspired me to try to make my own campaign series. I am SUPER excited for this next one though! Best of luck to you, favorite campaigns ever!!
Level 5
Jul 8, 2013
There has been a problem with getting WC3 to work correctly on my new PC.

There might be a small delay, but don't worry. I'll get this fixed ASAP.

If you have stored it in a outer hard disk it happened to me too like u...
Well it looked like a campaign file was the problem but it wouldnt let me delete it so i deleted all the campaign folder and i redownloaded the campaign i liked most to keep playing them :p
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