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The Black Hounds

Level 19
Apr 30, 2007
Ralph attached the silencer to his MP7. They were supposed to be silent, this was a cover operation, and they were the best. He had only fought the North Korean Special Operations Force once earlier, and he had learned not to underestimate them. Ralph watched the rest of the team get ready. They were three men against possibly several hundred soldiers, but they were the best, they were the Black Hounds. Ralph signaled to Jason and Dimitri that they should get ready to move. Jason was wielding a silenced P90 and Dimitri a silenced Škorpion vz.68. The night sky was pitch black, except for the cloudy spot illuminated by the full moon. They were on the roof of a bunker, a small octagonal one overlooking a cliff. Ralph counted downwards silently, and on one he opened the rusty hatch and Dimitri dropped a flashbang. Confused grunts and moaning could be heard, then the three men jumped down the hatch. Four North Korean soldiers stumbled around the room, still blinded by the flashbang. The three commandos pulled their german combat knives, the distinctive KM2000, and swiftly finished the confused soldiers. "Waste no ammunition." Ralph whispered, though he knew there was no need to mention it.

An armored door inside the bunker with a small window, showed a corridor going into the hill. Ralph carefully opened the door, making sure it made no noise, while Dimitri and Jason stood ready to fire. Not a single man could be seen in the corridor, which lead to a staircase going downwards some twenty feet ahead. Moving silently with extreme caution, the three men moved forward into the corridor, heading towards the staircase. The concrete walls were old and damp, which combined with the old light bulbs hanging from the roof, gave the corridor a gloomy atmosphere. Ralph peered down the staircase. "All clear." He whispered and proceeded to move carefully down the old and rusty metal stairs, Dimitri and Jason following short after. Down the staircase was another door, identical to the last one. Suddenly it opened and a korean soldier came through, looking down as he was lighting his cigarette. Ralph was about to fire when a round flew past him and through the soldier's forehead. He turned around and saw Dimitri lowering his gun. "You're getting slow to react, sarge." He whispered with a low voice, his english thick with a Ukrainian accent. "I thought the Navy SEALs were better trained trained than the Ukrainan Marine Corps." He continued, he had the habit of talking too much, too much for a commando anyway. Ralph waved for them to continue, and moved down to the body. "SOF." He stated, checking the soldiers shoulder insignia. Behind the door, a corridor led deeper into the hill. Suddenly, movement could be heard, and seconds later a bunch of Soldiers came around a corner and entered the corridor in front of the commandos. One of the soldiers shouted something in korean and the rest of them started deploying, creating a wall of AKs ready to fire. "Fire at will." Ralph whispered and brought up his MP7, aiming and shooting the commanding soldier in the temple. Some of the koreans turned around, but the rest began firing at the commandos. Ralph and Jason slowly backed up the stairs while returning fire. Dimitri however rolled towards the wall and got in cover behind the door. He signaled for Ralph and Jason to draw their fire, then unsheated his knife. The Korean soldiers ceased firing as the two commandos disappeared up the staircase, then walked slowly towards the doorframe. More shouts from deeper down the corridors could be heard, the koreans were getting backup. There were only six soldiers left of the initial force, moving through the door and up the first few steps of the staircase. Suddenly, Ralph and Jason appeared at the top of the stairs and began firing down towards the soldiers, who returned fire. Then Dimitri leaped from cover and jumped on top of the closest soldier, stabbing him in the neck. Confusion spread among the soldiers as they were attacked from both angles. Dimitri spun 90 degrees and stabbed another soldier in the gut, then kicked a third one in the face. Ralph and Jason finished the other two, then shouted for Dimitri to get up. "More of them are coming. This ain't no video game, we got to get outta here!" Dimitri shook his head, turned towards the door, then pulled a hand grenade from his belt. The very same moment, more korean soldiers appeared in the corridor.

To be continued...

So what do you think? Sorry about the wall of text.