Level 4
Aug 23, 2008
GreyArchon, first of all I would like to say amazing job on the map- it is amazingly good- I love the custom models/units and especially the powers and legendary heroes.

Infact, I have posted about MAGIC SC on another website that hosts an RPG map(DARK INVASION 2)- one of the users commented that the terrain seems a bit lacking. I did not realize this when I was playing but I would like to bring it up now- it would be nice if blue had more waterfalls/isles, green had trees and logs, red had peaks/volcanos, black had dark pools, and white had castles(ALL DOODADS of course). And the middle could be customized so that green's side of middle is forest, reds is lava, blues is shallow water/isles, and white's castlelike, and black's is dark and undead. Just adding a bit of terrain would do so much to the map.

but my own review- 9.2/10
(only due to terrain)