Terrain Request (Playable Terrain)

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Jan 21, 2007
Hi there. Why lie? I really suck at terraining, and i therefore need some help.

Terrain for this project:Control Point Hero Map

The terrain doesn't need to be advanced, but it should at least look good. This means, not a completely flat map, some variations in doodads and such.
Use a tileset with City Walls and Natural walls.

One thing i would like you to think about is to make it look war-torn. Craters, destroyed ballistas, maybe some fire and smoke here and there.

The tiles is just the base of what tiles should be used where. It's up to you to make it look better :wink:

The Light green parts are control points, heightened 1 cliff level over the rest of the map.
Tile: Whatever you may think looks good.

The Dark Green part is woods.
Tile: Ashenvale Leaves.
Doodad type: Ashenvale/Felwood Tree & Ashenvale/Felwood Canopy Tree.

The Dark brown lines are the main roads, where creeps will go. They should be broader than on the picture.
Tile: Whatever you feel looks best as a dirt path.

The light brown lines is small paths in the forests.
Tile: Whatever you feel looks best as a dirt path.

The Blue lines is a river. It should be just a little smaller than the main roads.
Use shallow water, and use cliffs for the river. Add slopes at the roads and paths.

The red dots is spawn-points for powerups.
Just make them like a Glade.

The black part is unaccsesible.
Tile: Use the black blocking thingie.

The gray parts is the safezones. Use city walls around them.
Tile: Use a city tile.

The edges of the map(the forest part) should be cliffs, decorated with waterfalls where the river starts and a small lake with deep water where it stops.

The playable part is square, but the map itself isn't. The safezones are added outside of the square.
Remember to have the places of the control points balanced.

I believe that sums it up.


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