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[Terrain Art Request] City/Street tiles

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Level 3
Oct 27, 2007
hey , im working on a new map and i need city tiles like sidewalks ect.
it would be nice if you could made 1 or any of the follwing things

3.yellow or white dividers for the road

Heres a screenshot of what i want it to look like (i couldnt find a good destroyed street pic so im using this one from the game Apocolypse)

and heres a screenshot of my city so u can see why i want the tiles.

Level 34
Jul 4, 2007
You also can do it on the natural way, you know.

Start WE. Go to Object Editor and to Doodads. Get a random object like erh a Altar (first's best) And go scrolling to the X's and Y's or something. No the min. size, press 0 (0.01 is the limit but 0 is faster). Now you can addjust the heights (Z). So change the object to the model you desire, colour it to a desiring colour and place it on your map. Double click it and you see the 3 tabs with X-Y-Z. X is Lenght, Y is Widht (or the other way:smile) and Z is height. Just pick erh Z = 0; the object is now totally flat. You can adjust it to your desire you want. I think I know a model which is good for the roadstripes the white city archway. Z = 0 it and tint yellow and you got a (stupid but simple) roadstripe. :smile: It was something like that, I don't know where the picture which was included has to gone. :smile:
Not open for further replies.