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  • Update concerning your "Actor Question".
    I added a test map showing you how easy it is to change actors for a unit during play.
    Yeah, im working on the marine thing lol. and the supplies was the most viable option I could think of. You have a better idea? The rest of Bnet likes it. But, whats your idea. I want to hear it. I'm not being sarcastic btw, i really do want to make it better.
    Regarding your Jurrasic Park Map in SC2.
    The backstory and the actual gameplay makes no sense whatsoever.
    Plane malfunction would not have dropped supplies as such over a course of 30 minutes. If it was to be in0flight for so long the plane would have long gone off its course. Not if it had crashed and scattered supplies all over the place it would fit th eimage better, with a downed ship in the center and what not. Group of friends are stranded. yet i can mass 300+ marines without once teching up and win the game on hard since there is no supply limit to units. Just little fixes here and there to make the gameplay actually feel like Jurrasic Park, not Marine Arena Version Jurrasic. Furthermore, most of the players dont even bother reading the pop-up tool tips because they are too busy trying to figure out what is going on. Suggestion: Pop up messages on screen giving directions to beginners. I'll be back if you want me to =)
    yah i got around to it.
    the map has alot to improve on.

    most noticeably, red gets completely steamrolled whilst blue + teal have their own little fort.
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