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Different Coloured Lights [model]

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So I was wondering if someone could make some different coloured lights for me and the general terraining (+mapping) population. I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark here - I think they're called omnilights?
Windex (I think?) created a set of blue, red, yellow and white, which is pretty damn useful, but also extremely limited. The lights can make for amazing special effects, and having a larger range of colours would allow for, well, a larger range of colours in the special effects, and also takes the effort of mixing out, which lowers the amount of lights you can have in one area.
If someone could make a few, it would really be super great.

Some great colours would be: purple, teal, pink, orange, light blue, brown, green, light green, dark green, gold

edit: nevermind, figured out how to do it. :- )
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