TC#14 Seraphic Union

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L O R E:
The Seraphic Union is a highly religious order of knightly members who once served the Silver Hand. After the death of Alexandros Mograine, the survivors of the Knights of the Silver Hand became more zealous and fanatic. However, there were those who believed that their comrades had fallen from their once-noble purpose and left. Two separate orders were formed - The Argent Dawn and the Seraphic Union. The Argent Dawn served as defenders of Azeroth, protecting the lands from the Burning Legion and the Scourge, but the Seraphic Union took part as a political body, something that the Dawn refuses to become. The Union's primary purpose is to spread the teachings of their religion to other regions in an attempt to proselytize the locals. Their strongholds are heavily guarded. Because of the lack of members, they will only ever partake in wars if it gives them an advantage in some form.

After the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, Tirion Fordring merged the Argent Dawn with the Knights of the Silver Hand, creating the Argent Crusade. Despite the many pleads from both the Dawn and the Knights of the Silver Hand, the Seraphic Union refuses to merge with them, but will help them if they are in desperate need of assistance, as they are still fighting the same common enemies.

Tier 1 Units

Tier 2 Units

Tier 3 Units

Lay BrotherSpawns along with a Shanty
Idle commoners of the Seraphic Union. They will perform daily tasks on their Shanties and occasionally gives the player +2 gold as tithes for the church.

When trouble comes, they will exit their Shanties to combat the opposing forces. Should any of them die, a new Lay Brother will take residence in their old Shanties after 15 seconds.
Lay Brothers are essential to train units.
||Trains from Town Hall
Builder unit that has to set up a tent in order to build more advanced structures. Can enter Gold Mines to mine gold.
Attacks land units.
||Trains from Garrison
Basic soldier. Can learn the Righteous Guard ability, which grants Disciples a temporary 30% damage reduction boost at no cost.
Attacks land units.
||Trains from Garrison.
Ranged unit with long range but slow attack speed. Can learn Bolts of Heaven, a toggled ability that doubles the damage done by Crossbowmen, but they take 30% more damage as well as moving 30% slower.
Attacks land and air units.

||Trains from Sanctuary.
Fast mounted unit with Siege attack. Has Trample. Moving generates Trample stacks that increases the damage done by Cavaliers' next attack, and stunning them if stacks are above 90.

Can learn Heavy Swings that causes their attacks to deal bonus 5 damage against Large and Medium units, and 10 bonus damage to Unarmored units.
Attacks land units.
||Trains from Sanctuary.

Heavy artilerry unit. Exceptional damage versus buildings, but weak in close combat. Can learn the Land Mines and Destructive Shot abilities.

Land Mines lets Cannoneers plant mines around the map that reveals a small area and will detonate upon proximity with an enemy. Destructive Shot increases their damage by 5, and enables them to fire an unstable shell at an enemy, reducing their armor for a duration.
Attacks land units and trees.
Warrior Angel
||Trains from Sanctuary.

Mighty flying unit with strong durability and moderate damage threat. Can learn the Crippled Feathers and Vibrant Wings upgrade, and the Exorcism ability.

Crippled Feathers will prevent the Warrior Angel from dying, and instead fall onto the ground with 300 Health and stunned for 5.5 seconds, becoming Crippled Warrior Angels. Crippled Warrior Angels deals 30% less damage, but gains a mana bar that fills up to 100 points. When the bar is filled, the Crippled Warrior Angel will regain back his wings, becoming airborne once again.
Vibrant Wings makes them fully heal upon wing recovery, and gain minor mana regen boost.
Attacks land and air units.
||Trains from Cathedral.

Supportive spellcaster. Can initially cast Goldenwill, which increases an ally's life regeneration. Can also learn Hallowed Hearts and Faultless Defense.

Hallowed Hearts cleanses all buffs from all units in an area, and heals allies that had Goldenwill by 10% health or Faultless Defense by 20% health, stacking. Unlike most dispels, this ability does not deal damage to summoned units.
Faultless Defense grants an ally a shield that protects them from 200 damage.
Attacks land and air units.
||Trains from Cathedral.

Primary spellcaster. Can initially cast Empower, which increases the Cleric's attack damage by 150% for a duration. Can also learn Aftershock and Divine Elemental.

Aftershock buffs the target ally with a luminous mark that lasts indefinitely unless dispelled. When a unit with Aftershock dies, they will emit a radiant blast, dealing 60 damage to nearby enemies.
Divine Elemental summons a spirit that uses the target ally as its vessel. The spirit will release holy missiles that deal 30 damage to nearby enemies. The target ally is still capable of moving and attacking. Lasts 30 seconds.
Attacks land and air units.
||Trains from Cathedral.

Melee spellcaster with powerful anti-magic spells. Initially has Seize, which steals an enemy buff and heals the Partisan, and Cobalt Shield. Can learn Lay Waste and Azurite Blade.

Cobalt Shield protects Partisans from all spells and negative effects. Lay Waste slows an enemy by 15% and silences it for 15 seconds.
Azurite Blade drains 50 mana from a target enemy, dealing that much damage, and enhances the Partisan's blade. For 30 seconds, he will deal 20 additional Magic damage with basic attacks, doubled against Summoned Units.
Attacks land units.

||Trains from Garrison.

Heavily armed melee unit. Can learn the Shining Courage and the Exorcism ability.
When nearing death, the Vindicators will not surrender and become invulnerable to death for 8 seconds, during which he gains 40% bonus movement speed. After Shining Courage ends, the Vindicator inevitably dies.
Attacks land units.
Union Missionary
||Trains from Oratory.

Utility unit with the ability to greatly empower buildings and make pilgrimage for an instant Faith boost. Slow and useless in combat, but has True Vision that greatly extends the Missionary's view distance as well as revealing nearby invisible units.

With the Consecration ability, Missionaries are capable of rendering buildings entirely invulnerable to all sources of damage as well as tripling their attack damage. This ability is channeled, and can last indefinitely unless the Missionary is disrupted.
Pegasus Knight
||Trains from Oratory.

Revered soldier of God equipped with deadly spears and mounted on a pegasus. Can learn the Gallant Spear and Exorcism ability.

With the Gallant Spear upgrade, Pegasus Knights' attacks becomes incredibly potent. After attacking for 4 times, their next attack becomes a Gallant Spear, causing area damage that inflicts 30 damage.
Attacks land and air units.

Iron Inquisitor

Arch Bishop

Abbot General


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I wasn't sure who made the knights artwork. If you managed to track them down, please notify me. The same applies to uncredited resources that I may have used.

TC#14 Seraphic Union (Map)

Shar Dundred
An interesting take for the tech tree contest. Approved.
Holy Molly... this one definitely tops the originality; both in implementation as well as aesthetics.
Well done mate!

One question though, are the units supposed to not talk, or is it a reforged bug?


I never really updated my Warcraft to version 1.32+. Mine is on 1.31 so it's safe to say that it's probably is a reforged bug.


Arena Moderator
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Jul 29, 2008
Dang, this looks incredibly well-put-together.

I'm jealous of your Conscription /EDIT/ Consecration ability; by the sound of it (haven't tested), you managed to accomplish something I've only barely got to work (though granted I'm using GUI/OE-only). Good job.
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Dang, this looks incredibly well-put-together.

I'm jealous of your Conscription ability; by the sound of it (haven't tested), you managed to accomplish something I've only barely got to work (though granted I'm using GUI/OE-only). Good job.

Thanks, I suppose.

I don't remember making an ability called Conscription, though.
And no 'suppose' about it. You did a lot of work, and it shows, in this great addition to the community & to your 'resume', as it were.

This thing... this thing is a joke. That's what everyone here thinks. Yes. It's a fucking joke.
All my effort..why do they care..why should they? They shouldn't. Yes. Because this thing is, quote unquote "Disappointing"...