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Taran Zhu

Background Story:

Taran Zhu is the Lord of the Shado-Pan, a skilled order of pandaren monks and warriors dedicated to protect the balance of Pandaria from all threats coming from within or without the continent.
He held a great mistrust of any race outside the pandaren and looked at the Alliance-Horde war as a pointless "race war" that did not need to involve his homeland. His hatred would ironically draw the Sha of Hatred to him, eventually being freed by the very adventurers he believed were the corrupt ones. From there he would join the Horde and Alliance in the campaigns against the Sha, the Thunder King, and Garrosh Hellscream. His wary nature serves as foil to the ever-trusting Lorewalker Cho.
"Discipline: It is the only way."

Modeling, texture warpping, animations: Stefan.K
Optimizing/Sponsor: BaiyuGalan

Keywords: Windwalker monk, Lord of the Shado-Pan, Order of the Broken Temple.

Taran Zhu (Model)

A fine panda hero. Works in-game. Approved!