[Campaign] Tales of Silventria

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Level 11
Mar 28, 2015
Ok, look it was hilarious at the start, but you took it way out of proportions, although I can see how it was kinda acceptble, sorry about the boot, anyway they've apparently merged the threads (I never asked for this) now the balancing is gonna be tricky, because while you want Rem to be able to stay alive, you don't want her to be invulnerable or close to it, from my tests giving her spirit link makes her damn near invulnerable with just basic soldiers around her (480hp 11-12hp damage soldiers) and thus would make her deity like if surrounded by knights or especially Zephyrs, so we need some other solution, mana shield seems appropriate, other solutions include an armor buff, possibly a spiked shell like ability, hardened skin or maybe something completely new
Level 12
Jun 20, 2017
Those convos in chat are hilarious. your circle meets up there to talk about making a campaign but it ends up being a damn comedy club
Level 22
Apr 9, 2017
This campaign still sucks, why bother continuing it?
@King Tidus Can you tell us why you think so ff10 fanboy and maybe give suggestions on what is wrong?Oh wait you can't do that, because you have no brain.At least before you say it sucks wait for the full release, o wait you have such a tiny brain that it cannot comprehend that.Now if you are going to continue like this GTFO of this thread and never return.Im sure Blake and everyone else that help him put a lot of work into this project and wants to make a campaign for everyone to enjoy.It's because of people like you that make good projects get cancelled!
Anyway @Blake8 im sorry, but i had to say it to him.Wish you luck in finishing the campaign!
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Level 5
May 21, 2013
Why your map :

Is like a mirror picture of political map of Indonesia ?
Level 7
Jun 28, 2017
Looks like it has an interesting story and charas than @Shar Dundred's Legends of Arkain campaign series.

Has @Jayborino or @Deltron play this (I think it's probably an alpha or beta. JBorino is also busy with LoA series at Tuesdays and Fridays).

I'll vote for "Yeh".

EDIT: I'll be reading the stuff today/tonight.

EDIT 2: Very cool storyline you got there. :) I approve. :thumbs_up:
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Level 16
Mar 24, 2017
What Colonel Aster said, and most of what has been done so far was abilities, triggers, concepts, lore and not material thats playable, we thought we could accomplish tons of work in the summer when everyone was free and we had more active participants but individuals got carried away with other things and progress wasnt what we expected......yeah I think that summarizes it