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Taking Icon, Skin and model requests

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Level 30
Sep 2, 2007
Few things to know

Don't overwhelm me with requests.
I do not make anime models.
I expect a +rep in return :p.
Evrything i make belongs to me, that means i made it and i have full rights.
Credit me in your map or campaign if you use one of the skins, icons or models. Thanks.

now go and request.
Level 16
Jan 5, 2008
I need models from Matrix for my upcomming map. It will be an Galactic Conquest like the
Solar Conquest map.
I need one APU. +Rep if you do it. ;)
Hope you have seen matrix so you know how it shall be animated...
Level 4
Jun 7, 2008
I'll forward my model request to you then.

Disturbed's "Mr. Smiley" Album cover mascot

No rush, I made a skin for the peasant but it looks like crap. And I have a 56k modem so I can't download the 52 meshing programs required to make a WC3 unit.

You'd think Blizzard would have made it a bit easier, seeing as how they expect their fans to do most of the work after the games come out. But enough of my bitching.
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