[System] Custom Hero Abilities

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This example shows a relatively simple approach to adding custom hero abilities to heroes in-game.

This is especially useful for creating maps like Custom Hero Survival, Custom Hero Line Wars, etc.

Custom hero abilities can be added to heroes in-game, for example, through shops that sell abilities (a popular approach in battle.net custom games).

During the setup of the game, the option to add custom hero abilities is enabled using:

To generate a windwalk ability that can be added during game, use:
let customWindWalk = compiletime(new CustomHeroAbility(AbilityIds.windWalk))

To add the newly created windwalk ability to a hero during the game, use:
customWindWalk.add(hero, slot)

To remove the previously added ability from a hero during the game, use:
customWindWalk.remove(hero, slot, refund)

Attach scripts to custom hero abilities using:
customWindWalk.addTrigger(EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_SPELL_EFFECT, () -> onWindWalk())

For a demonstration, download the map directly from the Hiveworkshop.

The Wurst code can be found here.

To use the system in your map, import the package CustomHeroAbility in your Wurst project.

The package Setup is used for the demonstration map.

The system demonstrates the use of the following packages from the Wurst standard library:
  • ChannelAbilityPreset
  • ClosureEvents
  • HashMap
  • ItemObjEditing
  • LinkedList
  • LinkedListModule
  • UnitIds

CustomHeroAbilities (Map)


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May 9, 2006
The sourcecode for wurst often looks simple because it's an expressive language.

@stn this looks pretty good. I have two main requests:

1. Can you please add hotdoc and improve hive description? "adding custom abilities to heroes in-game" doesn't really cover what this is doing/trying to do.
2. Can you please add chillup support and/or explain how to install this using wurst package management rather than copy-paste?

++ @Frotty for second review



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Dec 27, 2018
Added the hotdoc and the option to set the maximum level and level skip requirement.

Will update the description soon, and have a look at chillup.

Edit: updated the description, made the repository searchable and added the option to unlearn/ remove individual hero abilities.
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