[Defense / Survival] Survival Map - Game Mode ideas needed

Level 30
Jan 31, 2010
It's a custom hero survival map in development, meaning you build your own skillset, named Moonchant Survival, on which I'm currently working on, and I would like to add another mode or two to it, open for suggestions :)

At the moment, I have these:


Rounded Survival


Temple Siege

Choose and upgrade your skills in between levels of enemies and fight your way alone through 50 different levels.
What this game mode features?
- 50 completely different creep waves, out of 70 possible.
- Every level features a preset team: two types of creeps (such as Mermaid Slasher and a Tidal Spirit, or a Priest and Blade Knight).
- Each 10 levels, a Dungeon Keeper, which is a Boss level. You'll face 5 of 6 every game.
- Dying here does not make you lose the game, but lose total points instead.
- Every player fights for himself on an isolated island, and can not assist each other.
Buy monsters for your team to fight against: for each monster you slay, one allied monster of the same type will charge towards your enemies' castle!
What this game mode features?
- Buy creeps your team will have to kill.
- Every slain creep will create one same type of the monster for your allies on a mini AoS map.
- First team to destroy the enemy's castle by overwhelming them wins.
- You can not exit the island where you fight the creeps.
- There is a pause for you to upgrade your skills every 5 minutes.
- Dying here does not make you lose the game, you'll revive after a short duration.
- There is a shared cooldown for creeps to buy, so you can't overwhelm the enemies by spamming.
- Requires maximal team-play to pull through.
In a team, keep the Temple of Scriptures alive by slaying enemies that rush towards it!
What this game mode features?
- Work as a team to fend off waves of monsters.
- Keep the Temple alive from the most various attackers - it's death is also yours.
- Dying here does not make you lose the game, you'll revive after a short pause.
- The Vestal Priestesses will freeze all enemies for 90 seconds every 10 minutes, allowing you to pause and boost items and skills.
- A tribute and a nod to the X Hero Siege map.
- Requires maximal team-play to pull through.
Level 25
Aug 13, 2011
Battle Royale:
Battle other players while earning points killing creeps and each other.

- All players fight in the same area
- Creeps will spawn in waves and target players directly
- Creeps give a small amount of points but can be killed fairly easily
- Player kills give large amounts of points and deduct from the killed player
- Players are revived on death after a certain amount of time (level-based?)
- The first player to reach a certain point score will win the match

If you want to cut down a bit on the chaos, you could include a bit of respite in between waves where players can't attack each other or are teleported to personal shop zones to upgrade.
Hourglass (inspired by your icon!):
Players must battle time in order to stay alive.

- Players fight on separate islands
- Instead of points, creep kills add time to the countdown timer
- Players will respawn on death but take a timer penalty
- Certain abilities, equipment or consumables may be able to increase the amount of time gained from kills
- Once the countdown timer expires, everything on the player's island will die permanently; the player is defeated
- The last player still alive wins the match
Together We Stand (I know, not so fancy)
Everyone fights together against waves of monsters in an island.

- Last Q waves
- Certain waves has disasters which either aid the creeps or diminish players potential
- Heroes start with all abilities disabled (silenced) from being cast for Z seconds whenever a wave start
- Player death will spawn a grave that allows him/her to be revived at a cost
- All Players death will result in defeat
Death Hill's King
Everyone starts on an edge of the map alone, they must ascent to the hill to gain points to reach victory.

- Free for All
- Heroes will engage each other on the path to the hill and the hill itself
- Heroes death will result in point deduction, if point deduction isn't sufficient to revive him/her, the hero will have a respawn time based on the missing point
- There are shops for each players at their own start location
- Players gain points when they're in the hill's top
- When a battle commence on the hill, no player at the hill will gain any points until the battle is over
- First player reaches W points wins
The PvP is inspired by http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/...%20of%20the%20Hill&d=list&r=20&u=Boris_Spider so it's better thanking him though :)

Just another idea struck my mind :
Falling Surface
All players must unite to stop the island from sinking to the ocean floors.

- All Players start on a specified location
- There are Z <Generators> around the island, players must activate at least C of them to stop the sinking
- <Generators> can be destroyed by the waters that flood the island slowly
- Players will be slowed and take damage from the waters
- Ocean creeps will guard the generators to avoid them being activated
- Generators can only be channeled when all the guards are killed
- A generator must be channeled by a player for T seconds to activate, the channeled must be protected to keep the channel process
- Player death result in them turning into grave for others to revive with cost
- If island is sunken completely, all players are defeated

P. S. The sinking process can be with time or anything you want :)
Level 8
Jul 8, 2014
A map where you rescue people from dangers so that they can join you and fight with you? You have 3 lives. Whenever your hero gets killed you lose 1 life. You can transport stuff like magic wagons and different units, each having different abilities. But some units are harder to rescue than the others. Everybody is in the same continent.