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Last Activity:
Oct 16, 2016
Sep 12, 2008



dardas was last seen:
Oct 16, 2016
    1. defskull
      Don't tell me you forgot about reputations on THW, haha just kidding.
    2. defskull
      Just "indeed" ?
      Wtf, you've changed !
    3. defskull
      Omg ur back
    4. Wolfe
      MSN when you can please!
    5. Maker
      Attack: 851983
      Attack Ground: 851984

      Untitled Trigger 062
      Unit - A unit Is issued an order with no target
      Unit - A unit Is issued an order targeting a point
      Unit - A unit Is issued an order targeting an object
      Custom script: set udg_i = GetIssuedOrderId()
      Game - Display to Player Group - Player 1 (Red) the text: (String(i))
    6. MiniMage
      Ey dude, for some reason my MSN messages wont reach you, even if you're online. :O

      "The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:

      It's mocking me. :<
    7. naitsirk
      set a massage at the Else part of 1 and see if that runs all the time
    8. 13L4M3
      Dude where the ---- are you ?! You never come online on messenger/skype/wc3!!!
      Cmon take contact with me, i'm back on WC3!
    9. defskull
      How's life ?
    10. D4RK_G4ND4LF
      how's visual basic?
      is it good?
      I'm trying to learn c++ right now (did a little java a few years ago)
      right now I am optimizing my webcam frame grabbing so I can track stuff in realtime :)
    11. defskull
      Damn needing you !
    12. defskull
      What system are you talking about ?
      Is it long to produce it ?
      We really need your skill =(
    13. defskull
      Hey, I added you to Vizel's request
      Please start working on his Combo System
      I've tried using Timer in GUI but I think vJASS would own lot more than GUI
      So, you're the only vJASS man on our team, god bless you ;D
    14. defskull
      What you're working on ?
    15. defskull
      If you've the time, teach me please indexing/hashtabling in GUI
      Or, you're not comfortable with GUI ?
      I only interested in learning GUI trigger ;D
    16. defskull
      For a start, please start with Total_Warrior's spell, Bombing Planes
      I'm gonna finish the Kinetic Ball if I have to (using GUI)
      But if you're quick enough, just finish both of those spells
      Coz` I've got exam in the corner, for 2 weeks lol
    17. defskull
      Would you like to join my thread project ?
      It's here: Spell Workshop
      There had been a previous Spell Workshop but they were closed due to some problem
      I've revived it and I'm gonna need 2 more triggerer to smoothens my thread project
      I'm offering you 1 more slot for the Spell Maker (vJASS / JASS)
      I am GUI Spell Maker
      Both of us, we can make that thread success ;D
    18. MortAr
      Permanent Immolation (Neutral Hostile 1/2)
      Raw code is ANpi for 1 and Apig for 2, but they are both the same.
    19. KviZ
      Hi, can you help me again? If so, then can you tell me if it is possible to make these triggers shorter way and is it possible to make unit icon into array integer or something else to make it possible to put in multiboard with Integer A condition?

      If (Level Equal to 2) then do (Multiboard - Set the icon for (Last created multiboard) item in column 2, row 7 to ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNGrunt.blp) else do (Do nothing)
      If (Level Equal to 3) then do (Multiboard - Set the icon for (Last created multiboard) item in column 2, row 7 to ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNGhoul.blp) else do (Do nothing)
      If (Level Equal to 4) then do (Multiboard - Set the icon for (Last created multiboard) item in column 2, row 7 to ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNTheCaptain.blp) else do (Do nothing)
    20. Ironside
      Aww it gives me an error when saving, check the Great Push, I posted information there.
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    warcraft 3 o.o
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