Super Mario - Altered Melee V2.0

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Hi everyone, LOTRKingluis/Kingluis here! And this is Super Mario - Altered Melee

Altered Melee

Super Mario - Altered Melee V2.0
Created by LOTRKingluis aka Kingluis

Map Info:

Super Mario - Altered Melee is, as implied by the title, an altered melee related to Super Mario and all his friends and enemies. IT HAS CUSTOM AI!

The idea happeared while watching the famous SMG4 Super Mario 64 videos on youtube (you should check it out!

There are only two Kingdoms, the Mushroom Kingdom (Human) and the Koopa Kingdom (Orc). Pick your favourite and simply destroy the enemy like in a melee game by building, training units and summoning heroes.


You require 4 files to make this game playable in all its glory and on multiplayer (because of file size)

I tried hard to make the map small, but it's impossible with all the sounds added :(

You may download all together with this all in one zip file (REMEMBER TO BACKUP War3x.mpq!):

FILE ONE: the map itself, SuperMarioAlteredMelee.W3X, Downloadable from this site's download button. -----> Copy to your map folders

FILE TWO: Make a copy/backup of War3x.mpq for when you want to play other maps, you can replace it back. Substitute it with this custom War3x.mpq, with music for both the Mushroom Kingdom and the Koopa Kingdom (HumanX1 and OrcX1):

-----> Replace it inside your Warcraft III folder

FILE THREE AND FOUR: uploaded by Raichu you may find them here

It won't allow you to play with other players on other maps if they do not have this 2 files, therefore, delete these two after you had enough of this game.

----> Copy these 2 to Warcraft III folder (No files will be replaced)


Simple gameplay with an immense amount of fun strategies, you can choose, as commented before, between 2 Kingdoms, each with unique caracteristics.

The Mushroom Kingdom is the easiest of both, with easy training, building and researching aswell as easy teamfighting.

The Koopa Kingdom is harder, but tend to defeat the Mushroom Kingdom in late-game with the use of a variated amout of units.

About the map:

The map was made by scratch and has very cute textures to it, resembling Super Mario even more.

It consists of 4 areas, each with 1-2 players, whose principal objective is defend and attack through the 2 entrances to the region. The courner players are more safe but have less space to build while the inner players have more space but are more open to attacks.

Each of the 4 regions have 4 gold mines, allowing for prolongated games if desired. The 2 non starting gold mines of each region have creeps defending them, so be careful!

There is also a secret gold mine in the middle of the map, on a mountain, that can be adquired with flying units.

Screenshots and Videos:

Image Description:
This is a screenshot with all the units of the game. It is also the pre-game screen.


Image Description:
Here is a picture of the terrain screenshot.



Special Thanks:
  • SMG4 (youtube)
  • JoaoCupido (my brother)
  • Kuhneghetz (for uploading most of the Super Mario related stuff here!)

  • XDogg (Yoshi - Team Coloured and Egg)
  • Ujimasa Hojo (Arcane Castle = Peach's Castle)
  • Kuhneghetz (Toad)
  • paulH (Cannons)
  • Callahan (Druit Hut = Yoshi's Hut
  • Deolrin (Mushrooms variations = Giant Mushroom and Toad Barracks)
  • doom_legion (Green Pipe)
  • Kuhneghetz (Gray Pipe)
  • Kuhneghetz (Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi)
  • GreyArchon (Princess Peach)
  • Kuhneghetz (Boo and King Boo)
  • Bloodslaughter (Little Boo = Sad Boo)
  • Illidan(Evil)X (Stormy Castle Citadel = Luigi's Mini-Mansion)
  • Kuhneghetz (Team Coloured Bob-Omb)
  • Mechanical Man (CannonNaval = Cannon)
  • Callahan (Elven Garden = Daisy's Garden)
  • XDogg (Piranha Plant)
  • Mechanical Man (ladja = Airship)
  • Kuhneghetz (Koopa Troopa, Para-Troopa, Hammer Bro and Kamek the MagicKoopa)
  • Kuhneghetz (Goomba and Para-Goomba)
  • Callahan (Wooden Village = Goomba's Village)
  • Kuhneghetz (Bowser and Thwomp)
  • Em! (Mini City = King Koopa's Capitol Level 1)
  • Mike (Castle of the Dark Lord = King Koopa's Capitol Level 2)
  • HappyTauren (Chaos Citadel = King Koopa's Capitol Level 3 and Bully's Domain)
  • skrab (Arcane Tower = Magikoopa's Tower)
  • Red XIII (WCII Orc Barrack = Bro's Barracks)
  • RightField (Town Center/Citadel = Koopa's Tree)
  • Carrington2k (ZHeart = Peach's Healing Heart)
  • Kuhneghetz (Spiny and Buzzy Beetle)
  • Thrikodius (Fly Guy)
  • Sellenisko (Worgem Manor = Waluigi's Manor)
  • Thrikodius (Bully)
  • Callahan (Walking Bonus)
  • Ergius (Gold Ore = Gold Mine)
  • Lord-T-Rex (Tree)
  • TheSlaveOfGod (Butterfly)
  • Kuhneghetz (Feather, 1-UP Mushroom, Star, Fire Flower and Super Mushroom items)
  • XDogg (Poison Mushroom item)
  • Xezko (Gryphon Rider = Sarasaland Gryphon Rider)
  • Darkfang (Sogen HQ Grass and Cliff = Grass Texture and Cliff Texture)
  • Kuhneghetz (Toad)
  • XDogg (Yoshi Egg Icons (green and red)
  • ??? (Cannon icon, maybe deleted from site?)
  • Xezko (Gryphon Rider = Sarasaland Gryphon Rider)
  • Ujimasa Hojo (Arcane Castle icons)
  • Illidan(Evil)X (Stormy Castle Citadel = Luigi's Mini-Mansion)
  • Sin'dorei300 (Mushroom Glow and no Glow = Giant Mushroom and Toad Barracks)
  • Kuhneghetz (Pipe and Pipe1)
  • Anachron (HealingButterfliesFixed = Yoshi's Hut)
  • Kuhneghetz (King Boo, Boo)
  • Kuhneghetz (Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi)
  • Kuhneghetz (Bob-omb icons)
  • Kuhneghetz (Koopa Troopa)
  • Kuhneghetz (Hammer Bro and Hammer Bro Throw)
  • Kuhneghetz (Thwomp)
  • HappyTauren (Chaos Citadel aka Tier1 and Tier 3 = King Koopa's Capital Level 3 and Bully's Domain)
  • Ujimasa Hojo (GilneanTownHall = Waluigi's Manor)
  • loktar (OrcBarracksWCII = Bro's Barracks)
  • Kuhneghetz (Kamek)
  • Ice (Heart = Peach's Healing Heart)
  • Kuhneghetz (Spiny and Buzzy Beetle)
  • Kuhneghetz (Goomba and Para-Goomba)
  • Kuhneghetz (Micro-Goombas = Bowser's Army Link
  • PeeKay (Breaking Smash = Anti-Hero Research)
  • LiOneSS (Butterfly icon)
  • kola (Wood = Improved Lumber Harvesting Research)
  • XDogg (Super Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Green Mushroom)
  • Kuhneghetz (Feather and Star)
Custom Spells:
  • G00dG4m3 (Heroic Leap AoE v0.01)

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

I am in GameRanger, add me LOTRKingluis
I am in Tunngle, add me Kingluis

New Update V2.0 Stuff: Birdo, Reworked Cannon, Dry Bones, and game balancing.

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Super Mario - Altered Melee V2.0 (Map)

11:11, 6th May 2015 Orcnet: It quite hard for all map makers when it comes to limit file size, though this could be playable in the standards of LAN play, I wouldn't mind playing this in online console since there are less players trying out...




11:11, 6th May 2015


It quite hard for all map makers when it comes to limit file size, though this could be playable in the standards of LAN play, I wouldn't mind playing this in online console since there are less players trying out altered melees.

Speaking of altered melees, it could be great if you could fix the player's lobby settings in the World Editor for Human and Orc settings so that players won't have to bother trying out UD or NE races since there is none. Or make a game option about it.

There are no Quest Menu or the place to know the mechanics of the game, the updates, bugs, etc. So that players will know what to do with the game, as a sort of manual.

Although the game is quite nice and funny, but much of the tech-tree and balance of the game, it seems its hard to finish the game since all units are kind of sloppy and most of the heroes rely on single targets and support spells.

Anyhow, map can be approved.
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Mar 15, 2012
It's smarter to use local files for this so people can play your map anywhere.

Check my signature, it's similar however at least you can make some sort of dummy visual system to let anyone play. I might work a bit more on my local file method and give out my sfx-dummy and click-helper so anyone can play any map over 8mb and at first they can still play but be told if they want animation and the actual games visuals they just have to download a simple pack then put it into their main directory of WC3.

Contact me if your interested in finding out more or need help. Otherwise good luck and hope many still play and find fun in this. It looks to be quite fun.... for a melee.

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I wish i could check this out.It looks really really good.
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