Strange model texture behaviour (depending on zoom)

Level 2
Aug 26, 2019
Hello everyone,

i hope someone can help me. Im using newest Warcraft 3 Reforged.
I created two custom models with Reteras Model Editor (used existing WC models and edited them).
In the Model Studio the models look just fine.

I Imported the model and corresponding Textures (also edited) into the World Editor and set the Path.
So actually the Textures are found I assume but they are not displayed correctly. What am i doing wrong?

Texture problems in screenshots:


  • zoomed in (in game).png
    zoomed in (in game).png
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  • zoomed in (in worldedit).png
    zoomed in (in worldedit).png
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  • zoomed out (in game).png
    zoomed out (in game).png
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  • zoomed out (in worldedit).png
    zoomed out (in worldedit).png
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  • worldeditor invis.png
    worldeditor invis.png
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